UPDATED: 1. FEB 2021, AT 18:10

UPDATED: Ex-state secretary Jankovská transported to hospital

She reportedly took some prescription medicaments.

Monika JankovskáMonika Jankovská (Source: TASR)

Former state secretary of the Justice Ministry Monika Jankovská had to be transported to hospital after taking medicaments in Banská Bystrica prison, where she is currently being held in custody.

“The guards in Banská Bystrica prison noticed during a routine check on Sunday that she was not communicating in her ordinary way,” said Peter Bubla, spokesperson of the Justice Ministry, as quoted by the Sme daily.

The Justice Ministry regards the case as suicide attempt for preventive reasons, although Jankovská has said that she did not have any suicidal thoughts, said Justice Minister Mária Kolíková (Za Ľudí), the TASR newswire reported.

Transport to Trenčín

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Jankovská did not complain about any health complications but said she took more prescribed medicaments.

“She was taken to the prison doctor who recommended an examination in the Banská Bystrica Faculty Hospital,” Bubla continued.

She communicated with the staff for the whole time, and her life was not in danger after taking the medication, he said.

Jankovská was meanwhile transported to the prison hospital in Trenčín, where she is being monitored. She has not met with her lawyer Peter Erdös as she does not feel like accepting visitors, he told TASR.

He could not provide any information about her current condition, because he is not authorised to receive it.

Case will be checked

The case will be checked by the special commission and the regional prosecutor’s office in Banská Bystrica.

The commission, established by the Justice Ministry, will check whether the laws and internal regulations of the Prison and Court Guard Service (ZVJS) had been observed.

“According to the information I have from the statements of the accused, she did not have any intention related to some suicidal plans,” Kolíková said, as quoted by the SITA newswire.

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Jankovská was prescribed medication against anxiety, which she received on a weekly basis. There was no threat of her health being seriously damaged if she took too many pills.

“We will evaluate whether there was any mistake,” Kolíková added.

Meanwhile, the regional prosecutor’s office in Banská Bystrica will look into the legitimacy and observation of rules regarding Jankovská’s custody, SITA wrote.

Corruption-related charges

Jankovská was detained in March 2020 during the Búrka (Storm) police operation. She has been charged with corruption-related crimes, attempts to interfere with the independence of the courts, and the obstruction of justice.

More charges were added after the Víchrica (Gale) operation from October 2020.

During an inquiry by the National Criminal Agency (NAKA), Jankovská reportedly admitted to her contacts with mobster Marian Kočner.

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