Walking through Čertova dolina just become easier

Hiking Čertova dolina is manageable even during winter thanks to a new ferrata.

New ferrata in Čertová dolinaNew ferrata in Čertová dolina (Source: TASR/ Branislav Caban)

Climbing through the rocky ravine, Čertova dolina, is easier thanks to a new ferrata that was built at the end of last year. The ravine is located near Tisovec in the Rimavská Sobota region.

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The mayor of the town, Irena Milecová, said that the ferrata will be open to visitors even in the winter. This was made possible due to a new walkway, called Jakub Surovec, that passes through the ravine, the TASR newswire reported.

There was uncertainty and an exchange of opinions regarding the construction of the ferrata since it is located in a protected region. But those in favour argued that there are ferratas in Slovak Paradise, which is also a protected region.

Moreover, the mayor added that "the ferrata does not have to be renewed after each winter season. There was a problem previous years with the wooden
ladders being flushed down by the water which made it
necessary to add new ones each time".

The Jakub Surovec walkway offers a path through the gorge as well as a view of the viaduct with a unique cogged trail. It also offers a peek into two caves and an observation tower which allows people to see all the way to the Low Tatras on a sunny, clear day.​

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​The pathway goes in a loop and covers a distance of about 4.7 kilometers, starting and finishing near the information centre in Zbojnícky Dvor in the saddleback of Zbojská. The degree of incline is 268 meters and takes about three hours to complete.

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