Anti-pandemic strategies help companies remain in operation

Employers join virologists to elaborate recommendations to prevent coronavirus from spreading in firms.

Companies have adopted strict hygienis measures to prevent spreading of the coronavirus.Companies have adopted strict hygienis measures to prevent spreading of the coronavirus. (Source: TASR)

Under the pending hard lockdown, employers have clustered with scientists and prepared anti-pandemic strategies for companies to protect their employees from contracting the coronavirus. The strategies will help companies remain open as their closure to prevent the spread of Covid-19 would mean enormous economic damages for Slovakia.

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Virologists from the Biomedical Research Centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences along with employers recommend the following: creating, if possible, stable and closed teams at companies, eliminating a greater concentration of people, creating barriers to the entry of at-risk people, testing at least once a week using the most sensitive Ag tests, verifying positive cases with RT PCR tests, isolating positive cases and identifying their close contacts, as well as conducting preventive programmes and a vaccination campaign. The experiences of large companies may serve as examples for smaller firms.

The recommendations stem from a proposal by Silvia Pastoreková, Juraj Kopáček and Boris Klempa from the Biomedicine Centre, presented to representatives of employers on March 3.

“The aim was not to give employers specific detailed recommendations, but to discuss and look for different ways and possibilities of resolving the pandemic situation in companies,” said Juraj Kopáček from the Biomedical Research Centre as cited by the Denník N. “The result was broader recommendations in the sense in which they were presented.”

The discussion between the scientists and employers showed that many companies have addressed and resolved these issues very well. These stressed that in the interest of employee safety and maintaining company operation, they have adopted and consistently applied strict hygienic and anti-epidemic measures.

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