Vandals spray-paint historic and religious buildings in downtown Bratislava

Police already investigating the case.

Also churches were spray-painted.Also churches were spray-painted. (Source: TASR)

Several buildings in downtown Bratislava have been spray-painted with phrases like “trans is beauty,” “queer power,” “god is trans,” and “a queer revolution is coming.”

They appeared on the streets near the Primate’s Palace and the Main Square, with some spray-painted on the façades of historic buildings (including the Old Town Hall), churches, a monastery and the building of a theological faculty.

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The case is already being investigated by the police.

“There is a municipal camera system in the locality, and we’re currently analysing the recordings that can help us catch the culprit,” the Bratislava municipal police told the TASR newswire.

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Deed results in considerable damages

The Bratislava borough of Staré Mesto said that none of the buildings it manages were spray-painted. The borough added that the buildings are owned by private entities, so they do not have any records on them.

Yet Staré Mesto has condemned the vandalism.

“Under no circumstances can we support such destruction and devastation,” the borough said, as quoted by TASR. “Not only do the spray-painted buildings contribute to visual smog, but also cause real damages and costs to their owners.”

The archbishop’s office in Bratislava already said that the deed resulted in considerable material damage.

“It’ll be hard and very demanding to restore the damaged façades,” said Tibor Hajdu, head of the archbishop’s office, as quoted by TASR. He expressed hope that the culprit will be found and such vandalism will not repeat in the future.

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Vandalism condemned

Investments Minister and Za Ľudí chair Veronika Remišová has condemned the vandalism.

“It’s unacceptable in a democratic society to express one’s opinion by damaging property and historic buildings that have an even higher value for believers,” she wrote on Facebook, adding that democratic society respects the plurality of opinions and freedom of religion.

The Initiative Inakosť (Otherness), an association supporting and representing the LGBTI+ people, and Rainbow Pride Bratislava, have condemned the vandalism as well. Those committing such deeds for any reason “do not contribute to the understanding between various groups living in Slovakia, not to mention improving the acceptance and achieving the equality of LGBTI people in Slovakia.”

Some websites reporting on the vandalism wrote that the Rainbow Pride festival took place in late July. However, the event was held online.

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