Labour Unions at DELL Slovakia ask for better working conditions

A proposal for a Collective Bargain Agreement with 30 measures has been submitted to the company's management.

Labour Unions at DELL Slovakia are asking for better working conditions for their employees. They submitted a proposal for a Collective Bargain Agreement with 30 measures to the company's management.

Higher severance pay for employees, an extraordinary bonus for disabled people after the termination of employment, more flexible working hours for parents with children, an allowance for educating employed parents’ children, or paid sabbatical leave after ten years of service for up to 6 months with 35% of the monthly salary.

These are some of the key requirements of Technologies Unions Slovakia (labour union in the Slovak branch of the American IT giant Dell) submitted by employee representatives to the company's management in early July. "We expect to discuss our proposals in a collective bargaining process with the company’s management soon. So far, we have noticed only the initial reaction," said Daniel Andráško, one of Technologies Unions Slovakia’s representatives. The labour unions submitted a total of 30 proposals to the management, which will improve the conditions of employees and will not harm the company financially.

Employees in the IT sector have long been among the employees with the highest income. "We do not want to open a discussion about salaries with the employer, which is quite different to most of the traditional unions. We are talking about adjusting working conditions when terminating an employment relationship, for parents caring for dependent children, for mothers after returning from parental leave securing their flexibility of working hours, for disabled employees with severance pay and stabilisation of employees in the form of paid leave or if you want a sabbatical ", explained Daniel Andráško. According to him, all employees at Dell s.r.o. want is nothing more than to get as close as possible to the European standards of the company. “We are aiming to get social & security conditions for employees that are as close as possible to those of Dell employees in other European countries.”

What Technologies Unions Slovakia wants at Dell, s.r.o.:

  • Better conditions for severance pay after working for 3 or more years
  • More flexible working hours for parents with children
  • Paid leave with a guarantee that the employee will keep the job after working 10 or more years for up to 6 months
  • Extended health check after reaching the age of 40 years after working 3 or more years for the company

"Dell is one of the technology leaders. We only wish it to be a leader in terms of social benefits and care for its employees," added Daniel Andráško. He expects that similar initiatives will be created in a short time in other IT companies, and Technologies Unions Slovakia is ready to help them professionally.

About Technologies Unions Slovakia
Dell, s.r.o. Technologies Unions Slovakia was founded on November 4, 2020. Its main goal is to protect, promote and defend the rights of employees at Dell s.r.o. The values of the labour union are based on the need to represent employees in performing their employment so as to emphasize employment, labour, wage, social and cultural interests, the right of life and health protection in the profession, as well as discrimination protection as an employee. More information can be found at: or at

Media contact: Daniel Andráško, mobil: 0907 941161,

This article has been brought to you by Technologies Unions Slovakia.

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