Weekend: Where can you drink wine?

Bratislava will symbolically close its Austrian border.

Weekend means closed borders

The Slovak border with Austria remains symbolically closed over the weekend again.

At the Freedom Cycling Bridge in Devínska Nová Ves, a Bratislava borough, people can experience on Sunday what life under the Iron Curtain felt like, as well as honour those who lost their lives while trying to cross the border in the past.

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Josef Hlavatý, a Czech who managed to cross the border in 1988 with his three-year-old son by flying a home-made Rogallo wing, will be the main guest of the Sunday event. The 42 names of people who died during their attempt to cross the Slovak Iron Curtain will be read out loud.

On Saturday, visitors can experience an Iron Curtain bus ride (if they manage to reserve a seat), watch the ‘My Emmigrant’ documentary, and take part in the defence education of bygone days at Nová Cvernovka.

All events are free. Read the programme or explore a story of the Iron Curtain from your sofa.

Bratislava will host the Slovenská Tepláreň concerts outside the Tepláreň gay bar on Saturday, November 12, to mark one month since the terrorist attack during which two queer people were murdered. The concerts will start at 17:00.

Different events will be held in other towns around the country.

Wine square

The Young Wine Festival is also being held in Bratislava over the weekend, at Primaciálny Palace.

Young wines were blessed on the first day of the festival, November 11, in the Chapel of St. Ladislaus in Primaciálny Palace by Bratislava Archbishop Stanislav Zvolenský. Young wines from the winemakers of three Bratislava wine associations, namely Vajnorské, Devínské and Račianske, were represented.

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In addition to wine, visitors can look forward to food, concerts, and competitions. The event is free.

The Bratislava City Museum is taking part in the festival with its exhibition of viticulture in the Apponyi Palace. The festival includes two special walking tours about wine traditions, one held in Ukrainian.

The Bratislava Archdiocese also follows up on the celebration of St. Martin’s Day, November 11, with its programme. Until November 13, in the Cathedral of St. Martin in Bratislava, the archdiocese is running the St. Martin’s Triduum, which includes thematic services. On Saturday at 16:00, the St. Martin’s parade through the city streets will take place.

Related: Tastes of the Small Carpathians, a wine-tasting event, will take place on Saturday in several wineries in Pezinok, Svätý Jur, Grinava, Vinosady, Modra, Šenkvice, Doľany and Suchá nad Parnou, which are all towns close to Bratislava.

More events held in Bratislava in the coming days, including Slovak tenor Pavol Bresliks concert, can be found in our “Top 10 Bratislava events” story.


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That's it for this week. Have a restful weekend. - Peter

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