A new metal ladder awaits hikers in the Lačnovský canyon

A favourite hiking destination near Prešov is safer now.

Old ladder in canyon (left) was replaced by new one (right).Old ladder in canyon (left) was replaced by new one (right). (Source: KOCR North-East Slovakia)

New hiking infrastructure has been added in the Lačnovský Canyon, a popular tourist locality near Prešov. Visitors can enjoy a massive metal ladder with a staircase that will safely guide them through a popular section of trail leading along the waterfall, the Regional Tourism Organisation (KOCR) of North-East Slovakia announced. There were also new wooden footbridges and a pier by the lake provided by the municipality of Lipovce.

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The Lačnovský canyon is a picturesque gorge with a length of approximately two kilometers, which was carved out by the Lačnovský stream. It belongs to the protected area of the Kamenná Baba National Nature Reserve and is accessible on an educational trail, the starting points of which are the village of Lipovce and the settlement of Lačnov. Hikers will be enchanted by the steep slopes and high walls with bizarre rock formations, which are complemented by smaller waterfalls. The path in the Lačnovský Canyon is equipped in several parts with metal steps, ladders, footbridges and auxiliary chains. The previous stairs had become worn out over the years and required renewal, the Regional Tourism Organisation (KOCR) of North-East Slovakia wrote.

New stairs after almost 60 years

"In the area with the waterfall, a new steel ladder with metal steps and chains was installed in the past few days. The entire renovation was financed by the KOCR of North-East Slovakia from the membership contribution of the Prešov self-governing region. The renovation was necessary for the safety of visitors," said Martin Janoško, director of KOCR North-East Slovakia.

The new ladder , 8.3 meters long, is made of steel and treated against the effects of the weather. It is complemented by 19 self-supporting stairs and chains. The municipality of Lipovce provided project documentation and, together with volunteers, replaced eleven wooden footbridges and installed a pier by the lake.

"The original staircase by the waterfall was installed around 1965. It was already showing signs of wear and tear and replacement was necessary. I am glad that hikers can now walk through the canyon more safely and gain strength and positive energy in life. Next year, we plan to replace the remaining footbridges and improve the footpath," added the mayor of Lipovce, Ján Šatník, as quoted by KOCR North-East Slovakia.

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Favourite hiking location

According to mayor Ján Šatník's estimates, 150 cars with approximately 350 to 400 visitors will take turns at the canyon during a weekend with nice weather. The surroundings of Lačnovský Canyon offer many other interesting places. Among the most famous are the ruins of Lipovský Castle from the 13th century, also known as Zámčisko, the Zlá diera cave and the Srdiečko observation bridge on the way to the cave.

There is also an optical illusion of the so-called Lačnov anomaly in front of the Lačnov settlement. Although the road's terrain appears to rise, it actually descends, giving the impression that objects are rolling uphill. The area is rich in mineral springs, the Salvator spring being one of the most famous. Lovers of traditional folk architecture like to visit the village of Lačnov, which is a rural-type monument zone. There is an electric bike rental facility in Lipovce, and the whole area offers rich opportunities for cycling, KOCR North-East Slovakia summed up.

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