How good is your English? Test yourself

Sit this year's Maturita exam from English, which Slovak students took on Wednesday, without having to worry about your results.

Students in Slovakia have been sitting Maturita tests this week.Students in Slovakia have been sitting Maturita tests this week. (Source: Pexels)

Throughout the week, graduating secondary school students in Slovakia have been taking tests that are part of the mandatory Maturita school-leaving exams.

Students have sat exams from Slovak language, foreign languages or mathematics. Friday, March 17, is the last day of testing. Slovak and Ukrainian are on the programme.

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You can test yourself in English. Students were able to choose from three levels: B1, B2 and C1. Here’s a list of tests, audio recordings, essay topics, and correct answers from this year.

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Your friend from Britain would like some information about your attitude towards the seasons in your country. Write a letter (160-180 words) to him/her, in which you will mention the following points: your favourite season, giving the reasons, the influence of seasons on your personality and everyday activities, the climate conditions in which you would most like to live, giving the reasons.

Test: 60 questions link

Recordings: link (Instructions are in Slovak.)

Correct answers: link (When checking the correct answers, follow the correct column. Though questions are the same, their order is different depending on the number of English language tests.)



A school magazine has announced a competition for the best essay entitled “Nowadays People Like to Enjoy Nature”. In your essay (200-220 words), express your opinion in the following points: the reasons for the increasing popularity of agro-tourism (tourism in the countryside), the possibilities of enjoying nature and agro-tourism in Slovakia, and your contribution to nature protection in your region.

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Test: 80 questions link

Recordings: link

Correct answers: link



Read the ideas presented below. Choose one and write an essay (260–320 words), justifying your opinion.

  • “It is not the strongest one who wins, but the one prepared to go on till the end.” (Fedor Emelianenko, a Russian MMA fighter)

  • “I think that at its best, sport does bring us together.” (Frank Deford, a former American sports journalist and commentator)

  • “Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” (Heywood Broun, a former American journalist)

Test: 90 questions link

Recordings: link

Correct answers: link

You can find tests from Russian, Slovak, French, Italian, and Spanish here.

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