News digest: How to celebrate Book Month in Bratislava

Covid-19 measures change, Bratislava Zoo cherishes its new lion, and where to get ready for St Patrick's Day.

Nová CvernovkaNová Cvernovka (Source: Gabriel Kuchta)

Good evening. Here is the Friday, March 17 edition of Today in Slovakia - the main news of the day in less than five minutes.

Police chief calls on general prosecutor to act

Police chief Štefan Hamran has publicly challenged General Prosecutor Maroš Žilinka to check the work of his subordinates. He alleges that potential manipulation of evidence could be affecting the ongoing criminal case against four National Crime Agency (NAKA) investigators. They were charged with serious offences more than 18 months ago, but the case against them appears to have stalled. The police chief points to suspected evidence tampering during the investigation.

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The four NAKA investigators were arrested and detained in September 2021, before being charged with abuse of power and obstruction of justice. However, the Bratislava Regional Court ordered their release in October 2021 and described their prosecution as unjustified. Jurisdiction over the case remains with the Office of the General Prosecutor, which in 2021 rejected an appeal by the four to drop the charges.

Hamran says that the NAKA investigators have been denied access to their full case files, and suggests that these contain evidence that the accused investigators could use to clear their names. The case appears to be connected to power struggles within law enforcement over a complex series of investigations into corruption under previous, Smer-led governments.

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Feature story for Friday

What scares us?

Superstitions, supernatural creatures, scary bed-time stories and more haunted the minds of our ancestors. Preventing the attack of a witch was not easy.

Learn more about a unique exhibition that walks visitors through these fears and the tales of Poludnica, Mora and others who haunted the early settlers of what is now Slovakia.

Tips for St Patrick’s Day, March 17, in Bratislava

  • THE DUBLINER: Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Bratislava Irish pub The Dubliner. The pub is preparing live music to go with the drinks today.
  • DUNGEON PUB: Try Irish drinks and don’t forget to pack your green outfit. The Dungeon Pub is hosting a St Patrick’s Day party.
  • A BIT OF FOLK: Two Irish folk musicians, Martin Furey and Joseph Doyle, will celebrate St Patrick’s Day at Bratislava's International Bar. Get your tickets here.

For more events in Bratislava, check out Top 10 events in Bratislava or 3 things that you can do for free in the city in the next seven days.


  • Slovakia will send its decommissioned MiG-29 figher jets to Ukraine. Several medium-range air-defence systems will also be part of the package. The government made the decision at its meeting earlier today, Friday March 17.
  • The Slovak Post Office is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of artist Viktor Kubal. Celebratory stamps will be released on March 20, portraying two cats, Puf and Muf, from a kids' show for which he was the artist. (TASR)
  • OĽaNO MPs want schoolchildren to do more exercise. Under their plans, primary school pupils would get three mandatory classes for physical education, and secondary school students would get two. (TASR)

Weather forecast for the weekend

Saturday will be sunny, apart from some possible cloud in the western part of the country. Temperatures will range from 10°C to 13°C.

On Sunday, Slovakia can expect partly cloudy weather. Prepare for slightly warmer temperatures, varying from 12°C to 15°C across the whole country.

For Monday, eastern and central Slovakia can expect some rain, with partly cloudy weather in the west. Temperatures will be mild, ranging from 14°C in the east to 16°C in the west. (SHMÚ)

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