News digest: Retailers' move to make food more affordable

A group of old houses in Banská Štiavnica damaged by fire, Eduard Heger's new party, and 10 biggest tax debtors.

Good evening. Here is the Monday, March 20 edition of Today in Slovakia - the main news of the day in less than five minutes.

Retail chains agree on a food price cap

Inspired by France, eight retail chains, Slovak and foreign, have agreed to cap the prices of 400 Slovak food products for the next three months.

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The measure supported by Billa, CBA, Coop Jednota, Kaufland, Lidl, Labaš, Terno and Tesco came into effect on March 20.

The firms pledged to publish the lists on their websites by Monday.

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  • Opinion: The interim cabinet approved the transfer of Soviet-era jets to Ukraine, a move that will help both Ukraine and Slovakia.

  • Politics: Interim PM Eduard Heger has left the ruling OĽaNO party and founded a new party, Demokrati, dreaming of something nobody has achieved.

  • Culture: Seven historical houses in downtown Banská Štiavnica have been damaged following a huge fire on Saturday.

  • Taxes: Here's a list of the 10 biggest defaulters of the Financial Administration, Slovakia's supreme tax authority.

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Is the Gyrocopter Calidus a car or a plane?

Manufactured in Czechia, central Slovakia has a new attraction. A plane-like car that can drive and fly.


Berlin Manson

The past weekend, Slovakia learned who took home the Radio_Head Awards in various music categories. The event celebrates Slovak alternative music.

Berlin Manson, a band of two Slovak musicians, became known after the release of its single "Netancujem, Kývem Hlavou" (I Don't Dance, I Shake My Head) last year. The band was named the Best New Artist.

Last year, the band was attacked during a concert in Skalica, western Slovakia, after the duo erected a rainbow flag on stage.

In a few lines:

  • The registered unemployment rate in Slovakia ticked down 0.06 percentage points m-o-m to 5.76 percent in February, interim Labour Minister Milan Krajniak (Sme Rodina) said on Monday. The Labour Ministry changed the headline methodology for calculating unemployment as of January.

  • Trnava-based car maker Stellantis will temporarily suspend production during the weekend shift from April 1, due to production transformation related to preparing a new production program.

  • For the first time, light oil from the Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli oil field of Azerbaijan has arrived at the Slovnaft refinery in Bratislava. This oil will begin to be processed in April.

  • Events to look forward to this week: Francophonie Days across the week and the Day of Observatories and Planetariums on March 25-26.

  • The house of murdered journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová will be demolished on Tuesday, March 21. A memorial will be constructed in lieu of the house in Veľká Mača, Trnava Region.

  • WEATHER FOR TUESDAY: Partly cloudy. Patchy showers or rain. Snow in the mountains. The highest daytime temperature will range from 13°C to 18°C. Light wind. (SHMÚ)

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