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How did Communism happen in Czechoslovakia?

For the 40 years, Czechs and Slovaks would celebrate February 25 as Victorious February, even though the enthusiasm of most of those who supported Communists in 1948 would very quickly evaporate. Michaela Terenzani ,23. Feb 2018, at 16:45

Prime Minister Klement Gottwald (right) swears an oath into the hands of President Edvard Benes on February 27, 1948 at the Prague Castle.

Historian: After 1948, Czechoslovakia was paralysed with fear

On February 25, Czechs and Slovaks mark 70 years since the rise of Communism in their common state. Historian Jan Pešek talks about the coup and its aftermath. Michaela Terenzani ,23. Feb 2018, at 16:45

Demonstration in Prague, Wenceslas' Square, on February 28, 1948.

Foreigners' Police finally move to Vajnory

The new offices will open on March 19. Read more about the limitations at the department in Bratislava's Petržalka between March 14 and March 16. Compiled by Spectator staff ,23. Feb 2018, at 10:36

New premises of the Foreigners' Police department on Regrutska Street in Bratislava.

Fico: Women need protection, especially as more migrants arrive in Europe

The prime minister repeated that he refuses to allow the emergence of "compact Muslim communities in Slovakia" as he announced Slovakia will not ratify the Istanbul Convention as a whole. Compiled by Spectator staff ,22. Feb 2018, at 21:55

Robert Fico

Top 3 stories from Last Week in SlovakiaVideo

Kuzmina is the most successful Slovak Olympian. Compiled by Spectator staff ,22. Feb 2018, at 11:38

Silver medalist Darya Domracheva (l), of Belarus, gold medalist Anastasiya Kuzmina, of Slovakia, and bronze medalist Tiril Eckhoff (r), of Norway, celebrate during the venue ceremony at the women's 12.5-kilometer mass start biathlon.

Populists are more creative than liberals

The essence of creativity and good governance is about finding a coherent story. When every city gets smart, being a stupid city will be an advantage, says a strategic management expert. Peter Adamovsky ,22. Feb 2018, at 8:30

Maciej Kisilowski

Police investigate illegal employment of foreigners

Two cases in Bratislava and Michalovce, both of which occurred this week, suggest that police will continue to crack down on illegal employment. Compiled by Spectator staff ,21. Feb 2018, at 21:07

Bakery, illustartive stock photo

TIS: In fight against corruption, Slovakia continues to stagnate

The corruption watchdog says that by 2020, the country may even be ranked among the four worst EU member states. Compiled by Spectator staff ,21. Feb 2018, at 21:01

The June 5 anti-corruption march in Bratislava

Government withdrew from drug policy agenda change

Mainly the SNS party junior coalition partner was against the bill decriminalising drugs; the ruling Smer party also had a lukewarm stance. Compiled by Spectator staff ,21. Feb 2018, at 13:34

Justice Minister Lucia Žitňanská arrives to cabinet session February 21, to discuss law on partial de-criminalisation of drugs.

In ambulances, doctors have become more scarce

Doctors are replaced by rescuers with lower education instead. Compiled by Spectator staff ,20. Feb 2018, at 23:00

Falck ambulances, illustrative stock photo

A girl suffering from swine flu hospitalised in Kramáre

The kindergarten’s headmistress says she may have the H1N1 type. Compiled by Spectator staff ,20. Feb 2018, at 21:23

Kramáre hospital

Suspicious "rural entrepreneurs" involved with Smer emerge in Nitra

Successful businesspeople from the village of Babindol who have received subsidies from EU funds worth millions have connections to the ruling Smer party. Compiled by Spectator staff ,20. Feb 2018, at 13:52

Competition in goulash cooking Guláš CUP 2015 in Babindol: Police President Tibor Gašpar(L), ex-minister of Agriculture Ľubomír Jahnátek (R) and Labour Minister Ján Richter (2L).

Fico: I want to win another parliamentary election in 2020

PM would like to see the minimum wage climbing to €600 over the next few years. Compiled by Spectator staff ,20. Feb 2018, at 1:28

Robert Fico, PM and Smer leader

Audit authority found violations of law at Foreign Ministry

In general, Slovakia handled the EU Presidency well, assessed the Supreme Audit Office. Compiled by Spectator staff ,20. Feb 2018, at 1:24

The ceremonial launch of the Slovak presidency's logo.

Slovakia to slacken drug legislation

Possession of a small amount of narcotics may become a minor offense under certain conditions. Compiled by Spectator staff ,20. Feb 2018, at 1:16

Avalanche in High Tatras claims the life of a Polish hiker

On Sunday, February 18, an avalanche buried two Polish tourists of whom one did not survive. Compiled by Spectator staff ,19. Feb 2018, at 13:35

Avalanche rescue dog, illustrative stock photo

Flu epidemic claims its first victim

Type B influenza is responsible for the death of a man, aged 35, from the Bratislava Region. Compiled by Spectator staff ,19. Feb 2018, at 13:25

Illustrative stock photo

Police recommend that Bašternák faces charges

The Special Prosecutor’s Office will decide on further moves after examining the investigation file. Compiled by Spectator staff ,19. Feb 2018, at 13:18

One of the protests against the practices of Bašternák (L on the banner) and his connections with the Smer Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák (R).

Migration activist flees Germany, Swedish attack ascribed to migrants

These are the hoaxes that appeared on the internet in the past two weeks.19. Feb 2018, at 10:45

The wide-spread news on a German migrant activist fleeing to Poland is a hoax.

When will elk return to Slovak wilderness?Photo

Elks once populated Slovak forests in abundance. Now, there are hardly any left in Slovakia.By Peter Kapitán19. Feb 2018, at 10:19

Elk Nik in the national agricultural centre Lužianky

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