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Military training centre in Lešť gets new facilities

€620,000 has been spent on the military training centre this year. Compiled by Spectator staff ,23. Nov 2017, at 21:47

Illustrative stock photo

Trams will test renewed tram track in downtown Bratislava on Friday

Originally, the tram track should have been put back in operation on November 15 Compiled by Spectator staff ,23. Nov 2017, at 21:38

Top 3 news from Last Week in SlovakiaVideo

EMA will not relocate to Slovakia - Job ads will have to state actual payrates - Trnava factory to produce electric cars Compiled by Spectator staff ,23. Nov 2017, at 16:50

PSA plant in Tranva.

Disputed fee for preferential treatment at doctors to be re-introduced

Patients unwilling to wait at the doctor’s office may be able to make appointments starting next year, for a fee of €50. Compiled by Spectator staff ,22. Nov 2017, at 23:45

Waiting rooms are full of patients, illustrative stock photo

PISA tests: Slovak pupils lag behind in collaborative task solving

Slovak pupils are below the OECD average in collaborative problem solving, international PISA tests have shown. Compiled by Spectator staff ,22. Nov 2017, at 13:43

Students’ tests, illustrative stock photo

Ex-minister and TV owner Rusko released from custody

The former politician/TV manager accused of ordering the murder of his business partner received an electronic location bracelet. Compiled by Spectator staff ,22. Nov 2017, at 13:33

Pavol Rusko (C) released from pre-trial custody.

First patient in Slovakia has implanted artificial heart

Though the artificial heart enables a normal life, the patient will remain on a transplant waiting list. Compiled by Spectator staff ,22. Nov 2017, at 0:54

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Košice governor candidate contested the election result

Incumbent Košice Mayor Richard Raši claims that not all votes for him have been counted. Compiled by Spectator staff ,21. Nov 2017, at 13:15

Richard Raši casting his vote in the regional elections.

How propaganda has learned to use the truth

The Czech Centre for Investigative Journalism analysed the information war in the Visegrad Group countries.By Pavla Holcová, Steffi Černá, Edyta Żemła, Jakub Goda, Anita Kőműves21. Nov 2017, at 11:18

Migration crisis was one of causes for the rise in conspiracies and fake or hybrid news; illustrative stock photo

Robert Fico has lost the electoral magic he once hadPlus

But his party can still bounce back if they do the things that make parties resilient. Michaela Terenzani ,21. Nov 2017, at 11:12

Robert Fico claims that Smer won the regional elections because it is the party with the most chairs in regional councils.

Probe into Foreign Ministry scandal shows Slovakia in bad light

Former Foreign Ministry employee Zuzana Hlávková decried allegedly shady purchases at the Foreign Affairs Ministry one year ago Compiled by Spectator staff ,21. Nov 2017, at 6:10

The ceremonial launch of the Slovak presidency's logo.

Underground resistance fighter and political prisoner awarded

The prizes awarded to Czech and Slovaks whose lives were impacted by totalitarian regimes and non-democracy were given at a ceremony in the Prague National Theatre. Compiled by Spectator staff ,20. Nov 2017, at 14:04

Head of Post Bellum Sandra Polovková

People fight for vanishing national park forests

The My Sme Les (We Are Wood) initiative was signed by more than 25,000 people Compiled by Spectator staff ,20. Nov 2017, at 13:48

Massive logging in Slovakia, illustrative stock photo

The day that changed the Tatra mountains for goodPhoto

The windstorm damaged 12,000 hectares of woods on November 19, 2004. Compiled by Spectator staff ,20. Nov 2017, at 13:35

Tatras after the 2004 calamity

The environmentalist that took on foresters and the state

Environmentalist and documentary film-maker Erik Baláž awarded White Crow for fighting for the survival of the Tichá and Kôprová valleysBy Lucia Krbatová20. Nov 2017, at 11:34

Erik Baláž

They reported corruption at the Foreign Ministry. Now they receive an award

The tenth year of the White Crow award, celebrating young people and activists who break prejudices and go against the tide.By Lucia Krbatová20. Nov 2017, at 10:48

White Crow award laureates

Smer follows a downward trend but may escape oblivion

What does the defeat in regional elections mean for the future of Slovakia’s strongest party? Michaela Terenzani ,20. Nov 2017, at 7:05

“How could it be a fiasco when a political party wins most councillors among all parties?” asks PM Robert Fico.

Slovakia commemorates the fall of communism

Several events mark the 28th anniversary of the November protests. Compiled by Spectator staff ,16. Nov 2017, at 21:05

The memorial tablet on the main building of the Comenius University (UK) in Bratislava

Fico calls on Kiska to pay €1 million for use of government plane

Kiska responded by saying that he understands Fico’s frustration after regional election loss Compiled by Spectator staff ,16. Nov 2017, at 20:29

The airport in Poprad below the High Tatras.

Socialism elections were parody of free vote

After the revolution in 1989 the number of people participating in elections fell from 99 percent to around 60 percent. Roman Cuprik ,16. Nov 2017, at 18:57

Elections during socialism regime.

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