First wave of easing the measures starts on Friday. President Čaputová listed among 100 most powerful women. Districts in western and central Slovakia should prepare for heavy snowfall. 8. Dec 2021, at 18:17
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Stricter measures will come back if hospitalisations reach a critical level. 8. Dec 2021, at 17:16
Several schools have received a magazine issued by the disinformation website.
Many of them threw it away or sent it back. Martin Vančo8. Dec 2021, at 17:05
New centre should be located near railway station. 8. Dec 2021, at 11:52
In the category of foreign personalities, Slovaks searched Lady Gaga the most. 8. Dec 2021, at 11:39
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The total number of PCR-confirmed cases has exceeded 748,900. 8. Dec 2021, at 10:02
Antibodies testing is not an indicator to decide whether to vaccinate against Covid. More than 3,500 Covid patients in hospitals. 7. Dec 2021, at 17:36
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Last attempt for positive motivation, says Matovič. Health Ministry will look into vaccine mandate possibility. and 1 more7. Dec 2021, at 17:21
Coalition partners announced the agreement.
Lockdown continues in another form, shops will open, schools will close earlier than expected. 7. Dec 2021, at 16:02
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How to have your Covid vaccine doses received abroad recognised in Slovakia. and 1 more7. Dec 2021, at 13:00
Luboš Blaha of Smer (l) and Marian Kotleba of ĽSNS (r) came to talk to the protesters.
ĽSNS linked the pandemic to anti-migration sentiments. 7. Dec 2021, at 11:47
More than 66,000 booster shots were administered as of October 26, 2021.
The Health Ministry has one proposal ready but wants to discuss it. 7. Dec 2021, at 11:35
Coalition to discuss longer lockdown. Slovakia lags behind in administering booster shots. Nearly half of Slovaks perceive the tax and levy reform negatively. 6. Dec 2021, at 18:38
Lockdown in Bratislava
The Health Ministry came up with three phases, one of which involves a longer lockdown. 6. Dec 2021, at 16:38
Katarína Nováková Grubb
Katarína Nováková Grubb made a career in the US. She remembers 2020 fondly despite the pandemic. Kristína Sojáková6. Dec 2021, at 14:22
PM Eduard Heger
Minister negotiating within the coalition, lack of agreement on this topic. 6. Dec 2021, at 11:35
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The country still awaits the first children's vaccines. 6. Dec 2021, at 11:29
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The amendment will be discussed in the second reading in parliament in February 2022 at the soonest. 6. Dec 2021, at 11:25
The coronavirus situation in Slovakia has not improved. 5. Dec 2021, at 12:03
Suburban transport in Bratislava Region to improve, registration for regulated parking in Bratislava launched, utility regulator announces price caps for 2022. 3. Dec 2021, at 14:45
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