PM Eduard Heger and Medical Trade Unions chair Peter Visolajský reached an agreement on November 26.
Agreement on salaries reached on Saturday night, five days before mass departures of hospital doctors. 27. Nov 2022, at 8:32
Bratislava piles deicing substance, Slovakia commemorates anniversary of its biggest air disaster and a fake website exploits name of the country's central bank. 25. Nov 2022, at 16:05
Bratislave gets prepared for winter weatre.
Tons of deicing substances, including more environmentally friendly ones, along with 90 workers are prepared to act in case of icy or snowy weather. 25. Nov 2022, at 15:56
Investment into Slovakia's future and war-like conditions in a children's hospital. and 1 more24. Nov 2022, at 18:45
Doctors arrive at a press conference in Bratislava on November 24, 2022.
The government's stabilisation contribution was rejected, but an agreement on hospital doctors' other seven demands is close. 24. Nov 2022, at 16:58
Illustrative photo.
Suspicions of organised crime. 24. Nov 2022, at 10:55
NBS Governor Peter Kažimír.
Peter Kažimír served as finance minister under Smer governments. He says he is innocent. 24. Nov 2022, at 10:50
A mysterious antique dealer and a prestigious grant for a Slovakia-based scientist. 23. Nov 2022, at 18:06
A model shows off a wedding dress during a wedding fair.
Legislation on surnames also changes. 23. Nov 2022, at 17:51
Social anthropologist Elżbieta Drążkiewicz.
Country has struggled to get European Research Council support in the past. 23. Nov 2022, at 17:36
Viktor Orban
Hungarian PM under fire over "senseless provocation" with Greater Hungary map. 23. Nov 2022, at 11:31
President Zuzana Čaputová during the White Crow awards ceremony.
President praises “personal heroism” of White Crow winners, as Ukraine help symbolically recognised. 22. Nov 2022, at 21:04
No agreement between doctors and the government, Slovak police in Sierra Leone. 22. Nov 2022, at 18:21
Two Slovaks trained 40 members of the Sierra Leone Police and Armed Forces in fighting disinformation in October 2022.
The polarised West African country, where disinformation flourishes, will head to the polls in a few months. 22. Nov 2022, at 18:00
Hospital Doctors' Union Head Peter Visolajský during a press conference on November 22, 2022, in Bratislava.
Doctors have cut down on their wage demands, but they reject the government's final offer. 22. Nov 2022, at 17:48
Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán wears a "Greater Hungary" scarf on November 21, 2022.
The Hungarian PM wearing of scarf condemned by Ukraine and Romania. 22. Nov 2022, at 17:34
Slovaks speak English better than ever before. Bratislava mayoral candidate to be prosecuted over alleged bribery. Kia is to produce electric vehicles in Slovakia. 21. Nov 2022, at 17:30
A community house which is part of the Building Hope project in Košice, eastern Slovakia.
Majority needs to recognise societal and economic injustice. 21. Nov 2022, at 15:59
Rudolf Kusý
The Specialised Criminal Court decided Kusý will be prosecuted at large. 21. Nov 2022, at 12:59
A bench once used by singer Miroslav "Meky" Žbirka returns, 'quick commerce' in Slovakia is reaching its limits, and snow cannons in the High Tatras are now on. 18. Nov 2022, at 15:15
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