Robert Fico, pictured during the election campaign.
Smer leader tells the country to calm down. 1. Oct 2023, at 14:12
Russian state television Rossiya 24 reports on the Slovak election.
In Fico, Slovakia will have a leader loyal to Moscow, they report. Lukáš Onderčanin1. Oct 2023, at 13:11
Peter Pellegrini
Pellegrini may seek the premiership. 1. Oct 2023, at 12:34
Journalists at the Smer headquarters in Bratislava
The international media is highlighting the resurgence of its populist former – and likely future – premier. 1. Oct 2023, at 10:00
Smer leader Robert Fico.
In theory, Smer leader Robert Fico might have a constitutional majority. 1. Oct 2023, at 8:00
Faces of Progresívne Slovensko.
A record high number of votes received from abroad in 2023. 1. Oct 2023, at 7:18
Progresívne Slovensko leader Michal Šimečka talks to journalists on September 30, 2023.
Seven to eight parties may get into parliament, according to published exit polls. 30. Sep 2023, at 22:53
Smer leader Robert Fico.
Exit polls have gone wrong again. and 2 more30. Sep 2023, at 0:00
A Spectator writer scales the heights, White Night in Bratislava (plus other events), and voters from abroad have already made their choices. 29. Sep 2023, at 17:51
The Slovak version of Google on September 30, 2023.
Did you know that Slovaks might be fined on election day? 29. Sep 2023, at 17:18
The ruddy duck, a small but aggressive species, has recently appeared in parts of Slovakia.
Slovakia is grappling with the presence of two invasive bird species, the rapidly spreading ruddy duck and the Egyptian goose. 29. Sep 2023, at 13:26
Plenty of events to enjoy in Bratislava during the weekend, two lovely alpacas, and interview with Slovakia's deputy foreign minister Peter Mišík. 28. Sep 2023, at 21:50
Trnava Foreigners' Police relocated from a house on Kollárova Street to a house Paulínska Street in summer 2015.
Their office in Ružomberok will be shut in early October, the police also announced. 28. Sep 2023, at 20:15
Péter Szijjártó.
A Slovak mother founded a children's library in the USA, comic legends call on Slovaks to vote, and why to head to Bratislava's V Klub tomorrow evening. 27. Sep 2023, at 20:58
Peter Mišík
Interview with state secretary at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Peter Mišík. 27. Sep 2023, at 20:40
The 2023 Slovak parliamentary election takes place on September 30.
Read their brief profiles. 27. Sep 2023, at 19:09
One of the OĽaNO billboards: We will not sell you to the mafia.
SaS support holds firm, latest polls show, despite OĽaNO leader's claims about rival. and 1 more27. Sep 2023, at 17:14
"Peace protest" organised by pro-Russian agitators in Bratislava on March 3.
A new Globsec analysis on supporting Ukraine, what makes foreign firms invest in Slovakia, and a Slovak science achievement. 26. Sep 2023, at 20:31
Progresívne Slovensko leader Michal Šimečka.
Here's what the last polls tell us about the 2023 parliamentary election. Let's begin with the latest NMS Market Research Slovakia poll. 26. Sep 2023, at 18:56
Czechia's President Petr Pavel addresses the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2023, at U.N. headquarters.
A former Slovak defence minister points finger at Hungarian MFA Péter Szijjártó, too. 26. Sep 2023, at 17:32
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