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Time and legislation play into the hands of prosecuted businessman

Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák is again facing suspicions that he has been helping prosecuted businessman Ladislav Bašternák. Roman Cuprik ,28. Mar 2017, at 23:49

A police car standing in front of the residential complex on Tupého Street.

Parliamentary committee to deal with Kiska's trip to Poland

Parliamentary committee for incompatibility of functions scrutinises the trip of President Andrej Kiska to Poland in early March, in response to claims that he took his daughter Natália and other private individuals… Compiled by Spectator staff ,28. Mar 2017, at 23:16

L-R: Slovak President Andrej Kiska and his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda.

Matovič is close to losing his mandate

The OĽaNO-NOVA chair has already received fines for not halting his business licence; now he may become the first MP to lose his parliamentary seat. Compiled by Spectator staff ,28. Mar 2017, at 22:31

Igor Matovič

State employees to be more corruption-resistant

Ethics watchdog Transparency International Slovensko wants to teach civil servants how to report corruption and improve the protection of whistleblowers.28. Mar 2017, at 22:13

Scrapping the amnesties to be discussed in fast-track proceeding

The government proposal may be adopted on March 30. Compiled by Spectator staff ,28. Mar 2017, at 14:16

Parliament discusses the laws intended to scrap the Mečiar amnesties.

Teachers should unite to make a difference

The Slovak Chamber of Teachers calls for more activity on the occasion of Teachers’ Day that falls on March 28. Compiled by Spectator staff ,28. Mar 2017, at 14:09

Vladimír Crmoman

We were joking before the trip, women from the first transport to Auschwitz recallVideo

On March 25, Slovakia marked 75 years since the first transport of Jews to the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz. Roman Cuprik ,27. Mar 2017, at 23:24

Far-right MP sued for statements

The submitters point to the allegiance to neo-Nacism; but ĽSNS MP Milan Uhrík sees no reason for submitting the complaint. Compiled by Spectator staff ,27. Mar 2017, at 22:56

MPs Ondrej Dostál (SaS) and Viera Dubačová (OĽaNO-NOVA)

Czech television recommends Islam is a hoax

Here is the overview of the hoaxes and fake news that appeared on the internet over the past week. Compiled by Spectator staff ,27. Mar 2017, at 22:07

Most-Híd, SNS boycott TV debate because of ĽSNS attendance

The MP and ĽSNS vice-chair claimed he wasn't able to evaluate the Jewish transports during WWII as he is not a historian. Compiled by Spectator staff ,27. Mar 2017, at 14:49

Milan Uhrík of ĽSNS

The 75th anniversary of first Jewish transport in Slovakia commemoratedPhoto

During a day of commemorative events, Kiska reminded us that for evil to prevail it is enough that good people do nothing.27. Mar 2017, at 14:03

The unveiling of the memorial plaque of the first Jewish transport form Poprad, March 25.

Former MP František Gaulieder killed by train

Former MP František Gaulieder, who once was illegally excluded from parliament by HZDS and its chairman, was killed by a train near the village of Trnovec nad Váhom (in Nitra Region) in the early hours of March 25. Compiled by Spectator staff ,27. Mar 2017, at 13:11

František Gaulieder back in 1996 hwen he was excluded from parliament.

‘Government seems to control parliament, not vice versa’

Jana Dubovcová talks about her performance as ombudswoman, and the topics that remain for her successor. Radka Minarechová ,24. Mar 2017, at 6:35

Jana Dubovcová leaves the ombudswoman post after five years.

Discrimination, police brutality highlighted

The Slovak Spectator reviews some of the cases which Ombudswoman Jana Dubovcová has cited in her reports. Radka Minarechová ,24. Mar 2017, at 6:30

Less than dozen MPs were listening to Obudswoman

Quote of the weekVideo

“I only kicked him in the head.” Compiled by Spectator staff ,24. Mar 2017, at 6:20

Actor to politicians: You are playing a terrible theatre

One of the main characters in the movie Únos, about Slovak politicians and the mafia in the 90’s has a message for politicians. Compiled by Spectator staff ,23. Mar 2017, at 22:43

Maroš Kramár

Earth Hour will turn off the light in Slovakia

The aim of the campaign is to point out the fast depletion of natural resources, climate change and pollution. Compiled by Spectator staff ,23. Mar 2017, at 22:28

Mayor charged with bribery

The mayor of a village lying close to Bratislava was charged with bribery after two specific cases of bribery. Compiled by Spectator staff ,23. Mar 2017, at 15:30

Police President Tibor Gašpar

Bašternák accused, but Fico stays in Bonaparte

The charges could still allow Bašternák to pay his tax debt and be acquitted. Michaela Terenzani ,23. Mar 2017, at 14:44

Bašternák on a poster stating "Our Man", with Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák approaching.

The official from bulletin-board tender wants to plead guilty

The two main defendants, former SNS ministers, refused to plead guilty; but if a third defendant does so, they may end up with tougher sentences. Compiled by Spectator staff ,22. Mar 2017, at 23:02

Marián Janušek

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