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Napoli's Marek Hamšík kicks the ball during the Italian Serie A soccer match between Torino and Napoli in Turin on December 16.
The goal by the Slovak star helped his SSC Napoli team to win over Inter Milan. 18. dec18. Dec 2017, at 17:30
The grandstand, part which has no view of the pitch
Part of the grandstand next to the VIP lounges will have permanently vacant seats 28. nov28. Nov 2017, at 22:16
Ján Ďurica leaving the national football team in the November 14, 2017 match.
The Tuesday friendly match in Trnava meant a farewell to Slovak centre-back, Ján Ďurica, who ended his national team career with his 91st match. 14. nov14. Nov 2017, at 23:50
L-R: Slovak Coach Ján Kozák and team member Marek Hamšík at a press conference on WC 2018.
The development in other groups was not positive for Slovakia. 11. okt11. Oct 2017, at 14:20
Prime Minister Robert Fico, left and tycoon Ivan Kmotrík
The stadium with a price tag of €75 million should be complete in 2018 10. okt10. Oct 2017, at 5:56
The Slovak national team defeated their rivals from Malta, but they need to wait for the results in other groups to advance to another round. 9. okt9. Oct 2017, at 15:50
The football players lost an important match against Scotland. 5. okt5. Oct 2017, at 23:23
Centre of Nitra
Already two Slovak cities have held this title – Košice in 2016 and Banská Bystrica in 2017 2. okt2. Oct 2017, at 21:48
World Cup qualification 2018: Slovakia's Adam Nemec, obscured, scores a goal against Slovenia during their 2018 World Cup Russia group F qualification soccer match between Slovakia and Slovenia in Trnava, Slovakia, September 1.
After a winning match on September 1, Slovak nationals will play for the No. 1 position in the group against England three days later. 4. sep4. Sep 2017, at 14:34
Illustrative stock photo
The aim is not only to train the youth in sporting skills but also teach them to become decent and intelligent people. 20. aug20. Aug 2017, at 9:30
Milan Škriniar
This is the highest transfer fee ever for a Slovak footballer. 10. júl10. Jul 2017, at 23:58
“Though we work in different spheres of society, our responsibility for creating fair-play rules is similar.” 30. jún30. Jun 2017, at 6:30
l-r: Adam Zreľák, Robert Fico, Robert Kaliňák and Pavel Hapal
But he has been silent about other scandals connected with football players. 27. jún27. Jun 2017, at 22:55
European Under-21 Champrionship, Poland - Slovak fans
The team had been in a good position to continue to the next round of the championship held in Poland. 26. jún26. Jun 2017, at 14:05
The Slovak team has visible support at tribunes.
The footballers won the opening match at the European Under-21 Championship 2017, but lost the second match. 21. jún21. Jun 2017, at 21:55
Coach Pavel Hapal
The national team aims to at least advance from the group. 15. jún15. Jun 2017, at 14:31
L-R: Marek Hamšík scored a goal and rejoices with Ján Ďurica and Vladimír Weiss (scorer oft he first goal) in Vilnius WC 2018 qualification match, June 10.
Despite a poor start, Slovak footballers quickly worked their way to a play-off position after Saturday’s win in Lithuania. 12. jún12. Jun 2017, at 13:42
Plot of the National Football Stadium
The European Commission has approved Slovak state support of €36 million for the construction a national football stadium – planned to hold more than 22,000 visitors – in Bratislava. 25. máj25. May 2017, at 13:10
Vladimír Weiss Jr
Slovak legislation does not take into consideration the possibility of having two people behind the steering wheel. 11. apr11. Apr 2017, at 13:35
Vladimír Weiss
Apparently, the cause of prosecution didn't take place. 6. apr6. Apr 2017, at 14:03