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NBS governor Peter Kažimír
The information has been confirmed by several sources of the website. 12. Oct 2021, at 18:25
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Court sees no reason for criminal prosecution of the corruption investigators. 1. Oct 2021, at 12:39
arrested Pavol Ďurka of NAKA specialised team Purgatory heading to Bratislava' district court.
Hints of a possible coalition break-up over rule of law not materialising for now. 21. Sep 2021, at 18:36
Former special prosecutor Dušan Kováčik escorted to the courtroom on September 20.
Dušan Kováčik is the first high-ranking official under the Smer-led governments to hear a guilty verdict on corruption charges. Peter Kováč21. Sep 2021, at 10:35
Dušan Kováčik escorted to the courtroom.
Judge sentences him to 14 years in prison for corruption. 20. Sep 2021, at 18:03
GP Maroš Žilinka in parliament.
MPs summoned Maroš Žilinka to explain the recent actions of the GP office. 13. Sep 2021, at 11:17
Deputy General Prosecutor Jozef Kandera
The General Prosecutor’s Office used the special paragraph again. 6. Sep 2021, at 17:38
Vladimír Pčolinský leaves Leopoldov prison with his lawyer Ondrej Urban.
The shock move by the General Prosecutor’s Office raised many legitimate questions. It then blocked some journalists from asking them at a press conference. 6. Sep 2021, at 14:20
Vladimír Pčolinský is leaving custody.
Deputy General Prosecutor Jozef Kandera outlined his reasons to unexpectedly acquit Pčolinský on more than 70 pages. Peter Kováč and 1 more2. Sep 2021, at 14:22
Departing police chief Peter Kovařík
Peter Kovařík does not want to continue in the post while being prosecuted. 31. Aug 2021, at 15:55
Vladimír Pčolinský (in the centre) leaves custody.
Sme Rodina nominee for the top spy post released from custody after more than five months. Charges dropped in another case against Haščák of Penta as well. 31. Aug 2021, at 15:51
Peter Kovařík
Peter Kovařík filed a complaint against the charges. 26. Aug 2021, at 18:28
Vladimír Pčolinský
Former director of the Slovak intelligence agency Vladimír Pčolinský faces corruption charges. It is not easy to find DNA on banknotes, police say. 24. Aug 2021, at 16:43
Former interior ministers Denisa Saková (l) and Robert Kaliňák (r).
Police investigators bring charges against 11 people. 16. Aug 2021, at 17:22
Daniel Čech
The recently charged Daniel Čech testified that former prime minister Peter Pellegrini also received a bribe. 9. Aug 2021, at 16:05
Peter Pellegrini (left) and Robert Fico (right)
Summer suspense as police continue uncovering corruption schemes, while epidemiologists prepare for the Delta episode of the pandemic to unfold. 9. Aug 2021, at 14:26
L-R New head of the Tax Administration Lenka Wittenbergerová with the outgoing one, František Imrecze.
Lenka Wittenbergerová has been charged in a major corruption case, her predecessor in the top Financial Administration post testifying against her. 5. Aug 2021, at 17:52
Miroslav Výboh
Miroslav Výboh was detained along with several former Smer-nominated high state officials. 4. Aug 2021, at 16:44
Ľudovít Makó
The laundered money was allegedly used for bribes during the era of Smer-led governments. 15. Jul 2021, at 11:29
Interior Minister Roman Mikulec
The bribe reportedly concerned an order for an IT company when Roman Mikulec led the military intelligence agency. 15. Jul 2021, at 11:25
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