Faces of Slovakia, page 3

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Juraj Šeliga
Šeliga’s world changed after journalist’s murder. 15. Apr 2019, at 15:18
Zuzana Čaputová is the fifth Slovak president.
Slovaks elect the first female president. 30. Mar 2019, at 23:55
Milan Kováč
Leading Slovak expert contributes to rewriting Maya history. 18. Jan 2019, at 12:13
Illustrative stock photo
No one invested a cent in scientific infrastructure between 1989 and when EU funds arrived, says Dušan Galusek. 2. Nov 2018, at 12:30
Yuri Dojc today: "A reflection of an older man in the mirror with glimpse of an attractive woman , who is my wife"
Slovakia is not even close to what I remember from my life here, says the Canadian-Slovak photographer. 17. Aug 2018, at 9:25
Irena Brežná arrives to Switzerland.
Slovak-Swiss writer Irena Brežná was forced to emigrate but found a way to fill her life with meaning in a foreign land. 16. Aug 2018, at 13:00
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