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Matovič confidence vote delayed until next week. Cities cut back, tourist sites go dark as authorities look to save energy. Learn more in today's digest. 29. Sep 2022, at 18:01
PM Heger speaks with The Financial Times, President Čaputová ratifies NATO protocols for Finland and Sweden. 28. Sep 2022, at 18:20
Border checks at the Slovak-Czech border and bike adventures in northern Slovakia. 27. Sep 2022, at 19:07
Slovakia fails to eliminate human trafficking, a US report says. Several clothing brands have left a Bratislava shopping mall. 26. Sep 2022, at 18:31
A major production company announces lay-offs, well water levels are down following recent droughts, and the official benefits of drinking burčiak – in moderation. 23. Sep 2022, at 13:50
Mountain Rescuers warn of winter conditions in higher elevations. Learn more in today's digest. 22. Sep 2022, at 17:30
Omicron boosters now available. Slovakia first in the EU to offer a cross-border European pension product. Archaeologists uncover possible remains of a cult murder. 21. Sep 2022, at 17:12
How to apply for state subsidies to renovate your property. Learn more in today's digest. 20. Sep 2022, at 17:57
Extremism has grown stronger, festival challenges prejudices against foreigners. Learn more in today's digest. 19. Sep 2022, at 18:23
White Night festival starts in Bratislava, an antigen test will be enough to get a Covid certificate, and Coburg mansion in Jelšava makes its pitch to fright-hungry tourists. 16. Sep 2022, at 16:06
Inflation keeps rising. Seven tips on what to see during the White Night festival. 14. Sep 2022, at 19:28
A large goat breeding cooperative shuts down. Public defender of rights' chair vacant for months. 13. Sep 2022, at 19:04
Heger's candidates for ministers and a language dilemma over the British king's name. 12. Sep 2022, at 19:02
Slovakia begins commissioning the third unit of the Mochovce nuclear power plant, a unique paving design is launched in Bratislava, while the capital names a thoroughfare after Maria Theresa. 9. Sep 2022, at 16:14
Holding a jazz concert in 1960s Czechoslovakia was no simple matter. Learn more in today's digest. 8. Sep 2022, at 18:38
Russian products disappearing from stores in Slovakia, and a potential replacement for departing MFA Ivan Korčok. 7. Sep 2022, at 19:08
Explore spas and water parks in Žilina Region. A dozen Slovaks awarded with the Righteous Among the Nations title. 6. Sep 2022, at 18:59
Interview with a US philosopher based in Slovakia. The new school year has begun. 5. Sep 2022, at 18:31
Bratislava has restored 10 barbecue spots in its municipal forests, it's 11 years since the air crash that claimed the lives of hockey players including Slovak Pavol Demitra, and why an Irish daily thinks Bratislava… 2. Sep 2022, at 15:55
It may be time for a new constitution, some experts say. Czech and Polish jets now defend Slovak airspace. MEPs call on European socialists to expel Smer. 1. Sep 2022, at 17:30
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