COVID-19 vaccination

Vaccination against COVID-19 started in Slovakia started in late December 2020. The first person received the jab on December 26. The Health Ministry has published a vaccination plan, divided into 11 phases

Those who wish to be vaccinated will have to book the date via the website (vaccination registration form available in Slovak only).

Slovakia uses the vaccines that have been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for use in the European Union: two mRNA vaccines, Comirnaty produced by Pfizer/BioNTech and the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, and the adenovirus-based AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine.  

FAQs about vaccination in Slovakia

Updated vaccination strategy and the vaccination of teachers

Vaccinated or not, there is just one set of rules when crossing the border 




Not all foreigners living in Slovakia have access to the country's vaccination rollout. Interpol releases wanted Slovak national. 18 h26. Feb 2021, at 16:45
The sign reads: Vaccination centre Covid-19, if you need to ensure barrier-free access, contact the staff
Health Ministry dealing with the situation. 23 h26. Feb 2021, at 11:45
A nurse holds up the Sputnik V vaccine for COVID-19 at the National Hospital as vaccinations start in Itaugua, Paraguay.
Slovakia’s febrile politics has made it vulnerable to Russian mischief using its Sputnik vaccine. 25. feb25. Feb 2021, at 8:01
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Slovakia asked EU member states to provide 100,000 vaccines. 24. feb24. Feb 2021, at 11:27
A lab technician holds a vile of a COVID-19 vaccine candidate during testing at the Chula Vaccine Research Center, run by Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand, Monday, May 25, 2020. Researchers in Thailand claim to have promising results with the vaccine in mice, and have begun testing on monkeys.
Most people believe vaccination will lead to an improvement in their financial situation, a survey shows. 23. feb23. Feb 2021, at 17:48
Production of syringes in Chirana T.Injecta, Stará Turá
Chirana T. Injecta will supply 4 million syringes to Slovakia by March 19. 22. feb22. Feb 2021, at 11:36
PM personally negotiated with Russia over the delivery of unregistered vaccines. 19. feb19. Feb 2021, at 18:13
Healthcare worker registers a senior in vaccination centre, Trenčín.
But there is a long way between the willingness to get vaccinated and actually getting the shot, sociologist says. 11. feb11. Feb 2021, at 20:42
The registration system for vaccination and antigen tests underwent some changes. 11. feb11. Feb 2021, at 12:06
Schools have opened, but teachers are waiting for more information about the promised vaccine. 9. feb9. Feb 2021, at 11:37
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Sputnik matches Pfizer and Moderna in efficacy, but may not be available in sufficient amounts. 5. feb5. Feb 2021, at 11:51
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The Comirnaty vaccine by Pfizer is the most used vaccine in Slovakia. 4. feb4. Feb 2021, at 12:13
Poland and some Baltic states have exceptions for vaccinated people. Slovakia supports a unified European solution. 3. feb3. Feb 2021, at 14:44
The Comirnaty vaccine.
The country has already offered its capacities, Health Minister Marek Krajčí said. 3. feb3. Feb 2021, at 11:25
President Zuzana Čaputová is one of the faces of the new vaccination campaign.
Some experts on marketing and advertisement say it came too late. 1. feb1. Feb 2021, at 11:42
The AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine was approved for use in the EU on January 29, 2021.
The vaccine will likely be used only for people under the age of 55. 1. feb1. Feb 2021, at 10:32
COVID-19 vaccination in Slovakia
It's now normal for taxpayer money to be spent subsidising private for-profit businesses. 31. jan31. Jan 2021, at 21:25
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Especially in western Slovakia it would be hard to find vacant date. 28. jan28. Jan 2021, at 18:05
The state is keeping the reserve in order to administer the second dose to people who have already received their first jab. 27. jan27. Jan 2021, at 13:27
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It is possible to register as a stand-in, but every vaccination centre sets its own rules. 27. jan27. Jan 2021, at 11:30