THE TYPE or available finances for schools do not affect results of its pupils, according to Institute for Economic and Social Reforms (INEKO). The institute published updated list of schools informing public about the results achieved by school students and graduates on July 30.

The elementary school with the best results of its pupils in Slovakia is school on Skuteckého Street in Banská Bystrica. The best grammar school is Grammar School on Poštová Street in Košice and the best vocational school is Business Academy on Kukučínova Street in Trnava, according to INEKO.

The methodology reflects results of pupils in national exams, additional results from competitions and, when it comes to high schools, even the unemployment rate of their graduates. Only schools where at least 80 percent of pupils conducted final exams made it to the list and schools with children from socially disadvantageous environment were excluded, according to the Sme daily.

“We believe that this portal will help parents, future students and even schools because they got tool to compare each other and it is additional motivation to pursue better results,” INEKO Finance Manager Rastislav Kováčik said, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

The analysis showed that there are big differences in results of individual elementary and secondary schools. Some schools reached several times higher score than their counterparts with similar amount of funds, Matej Tunega of INEKO wrote on the institute’s blog.

Moreover, it does not matter whether school is private, public or belongs to church or how much money it is able to garner.

“The result [of analysis] is surprising at first glance,” Tunega wrote, “pupils at schools, which have more resources at their disposal, have slightly worse results than their competitors, which have generally less resources per student.”