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Pohoda was #AllforJanVideo

Ján Kuciak’s colleagues said why he was dangerous for organised crime.11. Jul 2018, at 14:57

I will always hold you tight. Martin has a new muralPhoto

The historical central-Slovak town received a gift for the Czechoslovak centenary. Take a look at the murals in the streets of Martin, Bratislava, and Košice.11. Jul 2018, at 14:43

President Kiska at Pohoda: Slovakia is a mafia statePhoto

Festival welcomes parents of murdered couple on Saturday.7. Jul 2018, at 23:32

Jamie Cullum: I would come to Pohoda myself, just for funPhoto

The second day of Pohoda was rainy in the night.7. Jul 2018, at 9:44

First day of Pohoda festival was “chemical”Photo

The opening concert was dedicated to Ján Kuciak and Martina Kušnírová.6. Jul 2018, at 10:28

Teachers should not get more money, Slovaks opined

Slovaks value teaching profession a lot, but they would not pay them more for their work.4. Jul 2018, at 18:40

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Slovak supermarket decided not to sell conspiracy magazine

The decision created an outcry among its readers.28. Jun 2018, at 14:12

Ten things to look forward to at the Pohoda festivalPhoto

A hot-air balloon, roller disco and an escape room. There are more things to enjoy besides the music.27. Jun 2018, at 18:16

Slovak app prevents food waste and saves moneyPhoto

Red point will show you where to look for cheap food in restaurants.26. Jun 2018, at 14:23

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Digital News Report: What are the biggest challenges of Slovak journalism?

Trust in the media slightly increased following the murder of journalist but it may not last.20. Jun 2018, at 14:43

Slovak women scientists prove that science is not just for men

I grew up with the conviction that science belongs to men, said one awarded Slovak scientist.19. Jun 2018, at 14:07

Mariana Derzsi and Andrea Straková Fedorková

How do you feel about your city?

Project gathering the feelings of citizens helps define the areas people like to go to and the perceived no-go zones.14. Jun 2018, at 15:10

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How to talk money at a job interview in Slovakia

Blue collar employees may be in a better position than white collar workers when it comes to salaries.7. Jun 2018, at 14:35

The perks and downsides of being a parent in Slovakia

Having more children in Slovakia means a greater risk of poverty.6. Jun 2018, at 11:25

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Three hikes perfect for Slovak ParadisePhoto

A light hike, spectacular gorge and ice cave. Slovenský Raj has much to offer.31. May 2018, at 15:09

Suchá Belá

Czechs and Slovaks signed their agreement on a common state 100 years ago

A document that established the connection between Czechs and Slovaks within one state later became a tool of fascist propaganda in Slovakia.31. May 2018, at 8:00

The Pittsburgh Agreement was signed on May 31, 1918.

Ecological sunscreen and air pollution monitoring among the projects of Slovak high-schoolers

Leaf organization awarded the best projects by Slovak students.21. May 2018, at 10:45

Filip Geib, Emanuel Kucbel and Peter Škripko

Water over gold. New Slovak fairy-tale?

Quality of water is high but we should care about water resources more.9. May 2018, at 17:38

Underdressed or overdressed?

Expectations might differ from country to country: here is what to wear for different social occasions in Slovakia.4. May 2018, at 6:30

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Learn how to debate from the victorious Slovak teamPhoto

Debate helps people understand the world’s complexity.3. May 2018, at 18:36