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2020 election sees unprecedented mobilisation of Roma

They want their voice to be heard against growing extremism.14. Feb 2020, at 13:03

Roma protesting against ĽSNS in Levoča

Parodies, live broadcasts, rap songs. Facebook is big for some campaigns

A campaign video from Cannes got the most interactions.12. Feb 2020, at 19:06

Which online campaign is the most effective?

Slovak election to test Orbán’s clout among ethnic Hungarians

Slovakia’s ethnic Hungarian minority has a reputation for political moderation. As an election looms and Viktor Orbán ramps up his influence from across the border, is that about to change?12. Feb 2020, at 8:00


Which party has the most transparent campaign?

Vlasť and Smer parties among those running most untransparent campaigns.7. Feb 2020, at 9:41

The coalition of non-parliamentary parties Progressive Slovakia/Spolu has the most transparent campaign.

Anti-fascist street protests: Who's going to benefit?

Expert sees more of a pre-election campaign than an effective solution.6. Feb 2020, at 9:00

ĽSNS gathering and anti-extremism protest in Trnava
UPDATED: Feb 3, 2020

What are parties promising ahead of elections?

Some party manifestos are book-length, others still do not have one.31. Jan 2020, at 8:57


Election by mail: Some Slovaks received incomplete sets of ballots

Election commission head says it's good that so few errors have occurred so far.29. Jan 2020, at 18:13

Stalemate after election cannot be ruled out. What would it mean?

President said she would appoint a government with ĽSNS if it had enough support in parliament.28. Jan 2020, at 5:30


Strong enough to rule? Doubts over prospects for opposition stability

Slovakia’s history shows parties have been able to overcome their differences to take power.24. Jan 2020, at 8:05

Left to right: Erik Baláž (PS/Spolu), Andrej Kiska (Za Ľudí), Michal Truban (PS/Spolu), Alojz Hlina (KDH), Richard Sulík (SaS)

UPDATED: Kuciak’s boss: I'm 100 percent sure Kočner ordered the murder

Judges to announce on January 22 if they will accept Threema texts as evidence.21. Jan 2020, at 13:27

Ján Kuciak's colleagues

Kuciak murder trial: Bödör denies helping Kočner

Businessman Norbert Bödör refused the allegations voiced by witness Peter Toth last week.20. Jan 2020, at 14:05


A government with ĽSNS: How likely is it and what would it mean?

Threat of split for any party in coalition with extremists.17. Jan 2020, at 9:07

Marian Kotleba

When did the foreign press write about Slovakia the most?

German dailies paid more attention to Slovakia than their French and Italian counterparts between 2000 and 2017.15. Jan 2020, at 16:54

Illustrative stock photo

From star journalist to Kočner's friend: Who is Peter Tóth?

The man who followed journalists for Kočner is a key witness in the Kuciak murder trial.15. Jan 2020, at 11:21

Peter Toth as a witness in court on January 15, 2020.

How the Kuciak case changed Slovakia (overview)

The far-reaching consequences of the murder: What happened in Slovakia between February 2018 and now.12. Jan 2020, at 8:34

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Slovak democracy set for crucial test in coming year, political analyst says

Parliamentary elections will give a guide to outcome of other key events, including election of Prosecutor General.10. Jan 2020, at 8:51

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Slovak made animated film about a difficult topic, receiving awards around the world

It all started with Finding Nemo.10. Jan 2020, at 6:25

Main characters of The Kite
A year in review

The events that shaped Slovak politics in 2019

Take a look at what Slovakia has been through in the past 12 months.30. Dec 2019, at 6:02

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Slovak Christmas - traditional and new

A chain around the table legs and waiting for a golden pig. Some old Christmas traditions survive to this day and others have disappeared.24. Dec 2019, at 6:00


Former PM and president facing criminal charges

Smer MPs backing party chairman also under investigation.13. Dec 2019, at 9:22

Illustrative stock photo: Andrej Kiska (l) and Robert Fico (r)