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Do you know where to enjoy an offline holiday in Slovakia?Photo

You don’t need to travel far, Slovakia can also be a destination for an offline holiday or a trip to the middle of nowhere.29. Dec 2017, at 7:55

Are the Tatra mountain lakes disappearing?Video

Tatra nature is slowly changing, both naturally and due to humans.28. Dec 2017, at 21:49

Štrbské pleso

What’s new in Slovakia’s ski resorts?Photo

Ski season has already started, so take a look at what some of the ski resorts have prepared for visitors this year.22. Dec 2017, at 16:10

Slovak Christmas - traditional and newPhoto

A chain around the table legs and waiting for a golden pig. Some old Christmas traditions survive to this day and others have disappeared.8. Dec 2017, at 9:45

Fujara teacher in the US: Americans are enchanted by the instrumentVideo

Unique Slovak musical instrument draws attention abroad, also thanks to Czechoslovak expatriate Bob Rychlik.30. Nov 2017, at 16:47

Owner of award-winning travel agency: some tourists did not expect internet connection in SlovakiaPhoto

Many tourists head to Slovakia because of mountain peaks and national parks. Erik Ševčík founded a travel agency that specialises in adventures in nature. Lately, his effort has caught the attention of Luxury Travel…23. Nov 2017, at 17:40

Erik Ševčík

Planning to settle in Slovakia? You will need to speak some Slovak

Free language courses available for foreigners living in the capital.14. Nov 2017, at 20:56

Illustrative stock photo

Pub quiz: Take your friends, order drinks and put your heads togetherPhoto

English pub quizzes found in Bratislava too.9. Nov 2017, at 9:35

Bring your own package? A new kind of shopping comes to Slovakia tooPhoto

Zero-waste shopping is not an easy undertaking in Slovakia, but shops following the idea have recently emerged and are slowly gaining popularity.10. Oct 2017, at 19:33

European award-winning physics teacher: Let students experiment

Author of several physical course books and co-founder of the Centre for the Popularisation of Physics says nature sciences open many doors for those who study them.4. Oct 2017, at 8:00

Jozef Beňuška

Slovak hairdressers belong to world elitePhoto

They took third place at World Cup.1. Oct 2017, at 7:20

Slovak team of hairdressers, consisting of Sean Kasumovič, Miroslava Stroková and Simona Urbanová

He was tortured and persecuted. Titus Zeman is now blessedPhoto

Sticking someone’s head into a bucket of excrement was one way the communists treated clerics.28. Sep 2017, at 8:30

Titus Zeman in prison

FAQ: How can foreigners vote in regional elections in Slovakia?

Currently 75,423 foreigners can influence the results of the upcoming regional elections. Here is what you need to know before visiting a polling station.25. Sep 2017, at 13:00

Illustrative stock photo

Too many emotions or ideas after reading a book? Maybe you should join a book clubPhoto

Book clubs are becoming more and more popular in Slovakia.14. Sep 2017, at 13:53

Slovak who ran almost 5,000 km in 48 days: Many ultra-runners are humble people

Kaneenika Janáková has completed the world’s hardest run. She told The Slovak Spectator about her career, but also about the place where she likes running in Slovakia.30. Aug 2017, at 8:49

Kaneenika Janakova

Have you ever climbed a via ferrata?Photo

In central Slovakia, there is one also suitable for beginners. Here are some of the views it offers.16. Aug 2017, at 18:00

Foreigners: Events in BratislavaVideo

Tips for performances and other events in the capital between August 4 and August 13, including concerts, parties, festivals, classical music, inline skating, exhibitions and more.3. Aug 2017, at 22:27

Norwegian violin virtuoso Mari Samuelsen

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