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Morality, decency and change. What do voters want from Zuzana Čaputová?

Čaputová offers scarce goods in Slovakia.19. Mar 2019, at 16:29

Zuzana Čaputová

Šefčovič made it to the second round, despite "ball and chain"

The candidate of the strongest political party in Slovakia could have achieved a better result without Smer.17. Mar 2019, at 13:22

Maroš Šefčovič

Anti-system and extremist candidates did not prevail but showed their strength

Harabin did not make it to the second round, but together with Kotleba, they gained 25-percent support.17. Mar 2019, at 12:32

Štefan Harabin

Presidential campaign reveals that Slovakia is calling for change

These are the main themes of the election campaign.13. Mar 2019, at 19:40

Zuzana Čaputová, Štefan Harabin, Maroš Šefčovič

Pupils also skip school to strike for climate in Slovakia

#FridaysForFuture strikes take place in Bratislava, Košice, Žilina and Liptovský Mikuláš.13. Mar 2019, at 8:50

European Commissioner and Supreme Court judge. Who is who in the upcoming presidential election?

Thirteen candidates court the favour of voters, but only three are believed to have a chance.7. Mar 2019, at 17:57

Presidential Palace

Slovak and Czech students in London urge their peers to care about issues in their homelands

Interesting job offers and opportunities to make an impact at home matter for Czech and Slovak student expats.7. Mar 2019, at 10:08

Discussion about the rule of law

Presidential election: Support for Čaputová skyrockets before moratorium on polls

Polls suggest there are three strongest candidates for Slovak president.28. Feb 2019, at 23:51

Zuzana Čaputová

What ecological measures will supermarkets implement?

Some Slovak supermarkets plan to replace plastics for single-use with an ecological alternative by the end of 2019.26. Feb 2019, at 20:59

Illustrative stock photo

Eurobarometer: Trust in police has increased since spring 2018

Improvement in trust rate is also due to arrests in the Kuciak murder case.20. Feb 2019, at 17:43

Slovaks trust more European institutions than the national ones.

Parliament fails to elect Constitutional Court candidates

The court will operate only with four judges from Saturday, February 16. What will happen next?14. Feb 2019, at 19:57

Fico gave up, threatening a coalition crisis

MPs failed to elect candidates for Constitutional Court. The next voting round takes place February 14.12. Feb 2019, at 21:36

MPs queueing to cast their votes in the Constitutional Court election.

Slovak communities in the US are not very unified

Slovak journalist speaks about his experience in “American Slovakia” in the 1990’s.7. Feb 2019, at 15:38

Milan Straka

Schools should teach values that you can’t get from a computer

Teaching values and building character is a sensitive issue in post-Communist countries.30. Jan 2019, at 17:03

Presidential poll: Two candidates running on equal chances

Smer has its candidate now, and Andrej Danko will not run for president.29. Jan 2019, at 17:32

Maroš Šefčovič

Why some foreigners struggle to open bank accounts in Slovakia

Sanction lists create problems for some foreign citizens living in Slovakia.24. Jan 2019, at 17:58

Illustrative stock photo

Who will go to Court? Why the upcoming vote matters

The wrong people sitting in the Constitutional Court may dismantle rule of law step by step.22. Jan 2019, at 19:09

Slovakia faces an important vote: How will the country look in the next 12 years?

The quality of the Constitutional Court, the last instance of defence of constitutionality in the country, depends on its 13 judges.17. Jan 2019, at 15:57

Constitutional Court

Slovak cleans national parks in Uganda and explains why everyone should care

A monkey eating trash and waste thrown in the river near hippos inspired a Slovak to help Uganda rainforests.11. Jan 2019, at 8:39


Byzantine theologians or a Communist president? Searching for the Greatest Slovak

Many nominations evoked criticism. But a TV show is not a sociological survey, experts say.9. Jan 2019, at 18:11