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Constitutional Court finally gets all its judges

Court working at half-speed for eight months.10. Oct 2019, at 17:47

Left to right: Ladislav Duditš, Libor Duľa, Rastislav Kaššák, Miloš Maďar, Peter Straka and Martin Vernarský

SaS divisions send poor signal about wider opposition, warn experts

Polls make grim reading for party.27. Sep 2019, at 8:39

Richard Sulík

When I say I have a wife, people think I’m making a language error

I feel privileged. Other people in same-sex relationships in Slovakia might be more sensitive about negative reactions, because they feel that this is their nation speaking to them.20. Sep 2019, at 15:35

Flo Symington Maar

Population growth in Roma communities slows down, living conditions remain pitiful

There are more shacks than six years ago, and 6 percent of citizens live without access to standard drinking water, the new Atlas of Roma Communities shows.12. Sep 2019, at 8:16

Illegal Roma settlement Pri Bitúnku in Košice

Slovak teenagers would reject political extremist neighbours, says survey

One fifth of Slovak teenagers think Roma are doing better than majority.6. Sep 2019, at 6:55

Illustrative stock photo

When confronted with a different opinion, Fico turned into an answering machine

The young filmmaker who made a documentary about the former PM decided to go into filmmaking after she met with sea gypsies in the Caribbean.5. Sep 2019, at 14:42

Lucia Kašová

Activists eye election to 'make Slovakia decent again'

The For a Decent Slovakia movement mobilised tens of thousands after the murder of a journalist shocked the nation. What will it do ahead of a general election?2. Sep 2019, at 7:00

Protest gathering at the first anniversary of Ján Kuciak's and Martina Kušnírová' murder on February 21, 2019

Leaked information will probably not hurt Smer, political analyst says

Threema communication will be one of the main topics of political campaign.30. Aug 2019, at 9:32

Marian Kočner

Memories of the uprising: It seemed that even the birds stopped chirping

Slovakia marks the 75th anniversary of the uprising on August 29.22. Aug 2019, at 21:39

(Left) Demeter Kokosh at age 7, his brother John 3 and uncle Peter in 1939. (Right) Mr Kokosh today.

Slovakia's first neuropsychiatrist: Psychiatric disorder is still a stigma

Neuropsychiatry in Slovakia is still in its infancy.7. Aug 2019, at 16:44

Radovan Hrubý

OpenLab teaching students unique IT skills as Slovakia faces industry shortfall

Top industry experts helping develop digital skills.2. Aug 2019, at 9:34

Illustrative stock photo

They wear black bags on heads and mock politicians. What is Zomri?

President and PM follow successful satire website.26. Jul 2019, at 8:54

Administrators of Zomri

How will Slovak MEPs spend their time? These are the committees they will serve on

MEP from the far-right party will sit on the civil liberties committee.18. Jul 2019, at 13:19

Illustrative stock photo

Online booking system solved past nightmares at Foreigner’s Police

A five-star experience, foreigners say about the new system that will, however, not be available until August 5.11. Jul 2019, at 11:14

The online booking system for foreigners will be unavailable until August 5.

Why Bratislava, friends were asking us

I immediately knew that I wanted to stay, says co-founder of Bratislava language school about his first impression of the city.27. Jun 2019, at 16:45

Daniel Martínez-Guillén and Francisco de Borja

“Dam against extremism” is not working

What is the coalition situation before the parliamentary election?26. Jun 2019, at 20:20

Left to right: Andrej Danko (SNS), Robert Fico (Smer), Béla Bugár (Most-Híd)

Slovak unions positive about European Labour Authority

Hopes ELA will help tackle issues around automation21. Jun 2019, at 9:21

Illustrative stock photo

What do we know about Kiska’s emerging party?

We have each others' phone numbers, Kiska said when asked about being open to joining forces with the democratic opposition.17. Jun 2019, at 17:38

Andrej Kiska and future-members of his political party

A bridge between East and West: Why many Slovaks see their country in the middle

The bridge concept is an illusion, say experts.13. Jun 2019, at 20:00

Blueberries as a lifetime love?

Barbora Figľušová, who established a blueberry farm, could not imagine living anywhere else but Horehronie.13. Jun 2019, at 17:41

Barbora Figľušová