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Ecological sunscreen and air pollution monitoring among the projects of Slovak high-schoolers

Leaf organization awarded the best projects by Slovak students.21. May 2018, at 10:45

Filip Geib, Emanuel Kucbel and Peter Škripko

Water over gold. New Slovak fairy-tale?

Quality of water is high but we should care about water resources more.9. May 2018, at 17:38

Underdressed or overdressed?

Expectations might differ from country to country: here is what to wear for different social occasions in Slovakia.4. May 2018, at 6:30

Illustrative stock photo

Learn how to debate from the victorious Slovak teamPhoto

Debate helps people understand the world’s complexity.3. May 2018, at 18:36

Is Slovakia’s free press under attack?

Journalist’s murder not the only reason to be concerned about media freedom in Slovakia.3. May 2018, at 7:05

"The attack on journalists is the attack on us all," reads the banner.

Car interior or house insulation. What happens with your recycled clothes?Photo

Slovaks throw away 460 kilograms of clothes every ten minutes.25. Apr 2018, at 14:19

Slovaks throw away a pile of 460 kilograms of clothes every ten minutes.

Do you have many skills? Share them with others

Internet platforms offering services like tutoring, cleaning and watching children are growing.18. Apr 2018, at 16:53

Breast-shaped cheese and wire masters. How did Slovaks and Slovenes do in the past?Photo

Both Slovaks and Slovenes had been known around and beyond the monarchy in the past - but for different skills.5. Apr 2018, at 10:46

Slivovica or pelinkovec? Slovak and Slovene cuisines are more different than you’d expect

Slovakia and Slovenia are commonly confused by their names and their flags. The food and drinks of the two nations tell a different story.29. Mar 2018, at 15:24

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Slovak wins Sony National Award for photo

She wanted to share the magic moment she witnessed alone.28. Mar 2018, at 7:30

The winning photo

She faced Russian tanks in 1968. Today, she protests againPhoto

There are no tanks pointing at us today, says Mária Homolková, who joined protests in SNP Square once again in March 2018 to secure a better life for her grandchildren.23. Mar 2018, at 8:22

Foreigners also want a decent Slovakia

The Slovak Spectator asked foreigners living in Slovakia how they see the murder of the journalist and his fiancee as well as the political upheaval it has provoked.22. Mar 2018, at 7:55

Do you know what Slovakia and Slovenia have in common?

Confusing Slovakia and Slovenia is a mistake that occurs even in top politics.14. Mar 2018, at 19:54

Slovakia and Slovenia

The life of a foreigner in Slovakia can be a reason to laugh

Iranian living in Bratislava founded a group of foreigners performing stand-up comedy in English, for locals and foreigners living in the city.28. Feb 2018, at 20:50

Siavash came with the idea of stand-up comedy in English.

Who do Slovaks marry the most among foreigners?

Mixed marriages are still quite rare among Slovaks compared to elsewhere in the EU. Slovak women are more likely to marry foreigners than Slovak men. Here is why.21. Feb 2018, at 16:49

Fake news: Do young Slovaks believe what they read?Video

Fact-checking does not suffice and it is necessary to work with values young people believe in, says analyst.14. Feb 2018, at 15:30

Young people cannot imagine life without the internet or mobiles.

Slovak scientist in the US: Slovak science needs more than just money to thrive

It seems as if we do not want skilled scientists to return home, says Dominika Truban, who founded a platform connecting Slovak researchers abroad and at home.23. Jan 2018, at 17:30

Dominika Truban

Do you know where to enjoy an offline holiday in Slovakia?Photo

You don’t need to travel far, Slovakia can also be a destination for an offline holiday or a trip to the middle of nowhere.29. Dec 2017, at 7:55

Are the Tatra mountain lakes disappearing?Video

Tatra nature is slowly changing, both naturally and due to humans.28. Dec 2017, at 21:49

Štrbské pleso

What’s new in Slovakia’s ski resorts?Photo

Ski season has already started, so take a look at what some of the ski resorts have prepared for visitors this year.22. Dec 2017, at 16:10

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