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Sputnik V vaccines arrived at Košice airport on March 1, 2021
Schools gradually re-open from April 12. Slovak politicians call for de-escalation of tensions on the Ukrainian-Russian border. 8. apr8. Apr 2021, at 18:49
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Not everyone has the luxury of washing their hands 20 times a day, says sociologist Zuzana Kusá. 8. apr8. Apr 2021, at 16:04
Igor Matovič
Russians want the vaccine back, citing contract violations. 8. apr8. Apr 2021, at 13:50
Vaccination in Trenčín
Former PM published the most sexist status. Most of the prices in Bratislava public transport will be more expensive. 6. apr6. Apr 2021, at 18:05
Zuzana Števulová
People should not fear their residence status will be an issue at the vaccination centre, human rights lawyer says. 1. apr1. Apr 2021, at 20:33
A calculator will provide an estimation of when it will be your turn for vaccination. Journey by train between Bratislava and Prague will take longer. 1. apr1. Apr 2021, at 18:08
Eduard Heger (left) and Igor Matovič (right)
Support of the 53-strong OĽaNO caucus is likely to play a role. 31. mar31. Mar 2021, at 15:09
President Zuzana Čaputová accepted a resignation of PM Igor Matovič and assigned Eduard Heger with forming new cabinet.
Rules for travelling to Austria will be harder for cross-border commuters. The epidemic situation in Slovakia keeps improving. 30. mar30. Mar 2021, at 18:02
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Older primary school children will no longer have to enrol at Czech schools to keep learning at home. 30. mar30. Mar 2021, at 7:00
SaS leader Richard Sulik (centre) says government reshuffles are necessary.
All ministers of the junior ruling coalition party have stepped down. They urge the prime minister to depart and make way for talks. 25. mar25. Mar 2021, at 11:56
Igor Matovič arrived to cabinet session on March 24.
President Čaputová to play a significant role in what the new cabinet would look like. 24. mar24. Mar 2021, at 11:41
Constitutional lawyers warn against too loose of an approach to granting citizenship to non-residents. 23. mar23. Mar 2021, at 13:39
Richard Sulík
Junior coalition party SaS insists there is no reason for it to give over a ministry to OĽaNO. 22. mar22. Mar 2021, at 8:08
PM Igor Matovič
One year after being appointed, the Matovič government is close to splitting or collapse. 17. mar17. Mar 2021, at 18:41
The ministry proposed a law ensuring access to the Covid-19 vaccination to all inhabitants without difference or regard for social status. 17. mar17. Mar 2021, at 16:59
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Number of foreigners keeps growing, but getting information is still a headache for many. 14. mar14. Mar 2021, at 8:05
"For Academic Freedom - No to Political Arbitrariness" reads a writing on facade of Comenius University Law Faculty building.
The ministry proposes curbing their powers like under the totalitarian regime, universities claim. 10. mar10. Mar 2021, at 16:55
Things have been going steeply downhill in Slovakia since December. 5. mar5. Mar 2021, at 15:00
Martin Klus
If Russia wants to save lives, they may register their vaccine with the EU. Otherwise, there is probably something else going on. 1. mar1. Mar 2021, at 17:45
The sign reads: Vaccination centre Covid-19, if you need to ensure barrier-free access, contact the staff
Health Ministry dealing with the situation. 26. feb26. Feb 2021, at 11:45