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Slovak court system gets shake up as Justice Ministry looks to root out corruption

Changes will mean fewer courts and specialised judges.27. Nov 2020, at 8:50


Using only antigen tests for mass testing was the right move, says American mathematician

The rounds of testing work like the layers of a filter, removing a large fraction of infected individuals in each round, says Daniel Larremore.23. Nov 2020, at 14:44

Free antigen testing

Older pupils still stay home. Exception made for those in material need

Minister would like to open schools as soon as possible, PM talks about return in 2021.19. Nov 2020, at 17:33

PM and disease experts clash over virus testing

Matovič rejects alternative to nationwide tests as epidemiologists claim lockdown is behind lower infection rate.12. Nov 2020, at 9:30

Mass testing eases growing tensions

But experts question how long solidarity will last.6. Nov 2020, at 8:42

Nationwide testing in Banská Bystrica

Smarter than the lockdown? Slovakia tries to outwit the coronavirus

Experts and governments say it is in people’s hands whether the effort works.3. Nov 2020, at 18:55

An unusual winter is coming. What are ski resorts doing to prepare?

There are still no conditions given under which they will open the season.30. Oct 2020, at 9:34

Skalnaté Pleso

Trails and tribulations: the important work of Slovakia’s unpaid hiking route markers

But veteran trail marker says hikers need to pay attention to more than just signs.23. Oct 2020, at 13:00

Stanislav Kučera

Nationwide testing - an ambitious plan with an uncertain result

Antigen tests to be used work on patients with symptoms.22. Oct 2020, at 13:48

Hospitals are filling up, medical students are helping too

Most medical faculties test their students regularly.20. Oct 2020, at 15:35

Illustrative stock photo, Žilina hospital

Kotleba guilty is one small step for Slovakia to get rid of fascism, says historian

The verdict might become a precedent, extremism expert believes.13. Oct 2020, at 15:49

Marian Kotleba

Support for PM and ruling OĽaNO party plunging amid pandemic and scandals

Two thirds of people do not trust Matovič, party loses voters at record rate, surveys show.9. Oct 2020, at 7:30

PM Igor Matovič

The faker-in-chief exposing disinformation in Slovakia

Government ministries need long-term communication strategies to debunk hoaxes, says Jakub Goda, who set out to expose how fake news gets produced in Slovakia and now formulates anti-disinformation campaigns for the…8. Oct 2020, at 8:00

Jakub Goda

Slovak sign language has been codified

It has its own grammar and word order, and it is not similar to the Czech sign languages at all.1. Oct 2020, at 18:30


Some people hang up when contact tracers introduce themselves

Calling an infected person is not like selling vacuum cleaners on the phone. Read an interview with the head of public health office in Martin.30. Sep 2020, at 21:42

Government looks to crack down on crooks’ property and judicial corruption

New legislation could be passed within weeks.30. Sep 2020, at 15:40

Mária Kolíková, Justice Minister

I always feel like a foreigner but Slovakia is my home

The Dutch-born photographer and activist co-founded Dobrý Trh and helped create an active community of neighbours.17. Sep 2020, at 9:28

Illah van Oijen

Health Ministry moves against disinformation

The website had recently “openly induced people to avoid and not follow” government-mandated measures to stop the spread of coronavirus.11. Sep 2020, at 9:00

Illustrative stock photo

She arrived first, was offered 65th on an unofficial list

Having to endure constant harassment and pressure from people around was also emotionally draining, a foreigner talks about her night in Vajnory.4. Sep 2020, at 7:30

People queuing in front of the Foreigners' Police at Regrútska.

Complain to us, not to Facebook, acting Foreigners’ Police head says

All foreigners should be able to book their appointment online, says the acting head of the Foreigners’ Police in an interview with The Slovak Spectator.4. Sep 2020, at 7:30

In front of the Foreigners' Police in Bratislava