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Problematic state quarantine faces complaint in the Constitutional Court

One interpretation says the much-criticised quarantine in state facilities might have been unlawful all this time.25. May 2020, at 11:16

The state quarantine centre in Gabčíkovo.

How the app for smart quarantine will work

The state is expected to monitor people via their own mobile phones.21. May 2020, at 23:20

Second wave of coronavirus epidemic will surely come, Slovakia is now better prepared

One area the country lags behind is tracking the contacts of infected cases.19. May 2020, at 16:38

Chief physician Ivan Kocan and doctor Ján Lazor check a COVID-19 patient's medical condition.

Small shopping centres and terraces open. These rules come into force on May 6

Hygienists published detailed instructions only hours before the new rules came into force.6. May 2020, at 9:30

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FAQ: Crossing the borders amid COVID-19 measures in Slovakia

A less strict regime for some people, mainly those living in cross-border regions, applies as of May 1.29. Apr 2020, at 20:41

The border crossing near Rajka

Marketplaces and small shops open, seniors face more restrictions

Draught beer can be purchased but should only be consumed at home in many municipalities.23. Apr 2020, at 13:39

Žilinská marketplace in Bratislava.

First, the shops will open. But you better forget about sea holidays this summer

Mass events most likely will not be allowed earlier than in autumn.17. Apr 2020, at 15:12

Medical experts, not economists will decide on shops. But the world is more diverse than that, says Sulík

The government will present its plan of easing coronavirus measures in Slovakia next Monday.15. Apr 2020, at 12:59

Richard Sulík

What can I do during Easter? (FAQ)

Can I go shopping or refuel in another district? Can a driver not wearing a mask be fined? Find the answers.8. Apr 2020, at 13:44

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Coronavirus in Slovakia: Do I really have to stay at home this Easter? (FAQ)

Questions about stricter limits on people's movement during Easter holidays answered.7. Apr 2020, at 14:07

PM Igor Matovič announces new measures. He called on pensioners to stay home.

Coronavirus measures work. Very few severe cases in Slovakia so far

Experts expect the peak in early July, but fewer infections than originally expected. Measures will need to last for more weeks, they say.31. Mar 2020, at 11:28

People waiting in front of the garden shop in Košice.