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Second wave culminates, the worst month yet to come for hospitals

Health Minister Krajčí recommends that hospitals place job ads to find replacements for infected healthcare workers.9. Nov 2020, at 12:27

Testing in Čadca

Threats have worked. People queued for COVID testing before the official start

The nationwide testing in Slovakia started with four districts in the north. Here is a report from the first day in Orava.24. Oct 2020, at 14:02


A curfew for those who refuse testing? Lawyers and president have doubts

The government risks the Constitutional Court canceling the nationwide testing.21. Oct 2020, at 12:00

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Thousands of artists threatened with bankruptcy during a pandemic

The delayed 'First Aid' scheme will help only a fraction of people working in the creative industries.8. Oct 2020, at 11:02

The Culture Ministry will support independent culture with at least €11 million, most of which, up to €9.5 million, will be redistributed by the Slovak Arts Council.

Slovakia still does not have an app for tracing COVID-19 cases

An app that would notify users if they have encountered an infected person should be created by a company that was established a month ago.6. Oct 2020, at 11:27

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If ruling coalition fulfils its promise, LGBTI couples should be able to inherit from each other by 2024

A last will might not be a sufficient solution for same-sex couples to prevent losing their common property.24. Jul 2020, at 15:38

Slovakia’s LGBTI community seeks to expand their rights.

A struggle for billions from the EU starts in the coalition

Slovakia has only been able to absorb a fraction of the money it is now about to receive from the recovery fund. Ministries disagree about who should be in charge.22. Jul 2020, at 10:39

PM Igor Matovič

Chief hygienist: We knew infections would go up, we have no plans to close borders now

We know more about coronavirus today than in March, that is why we do not need to take nationwide measures for now, says Ján Mikas.8. Jul 2020, at 15:14

Ján Mikas, head of the Public Health Authority

Another international scandal? Slovak consulate in St.Petersburg under scrutiny

Slovak consulate issued visa to a Russian citizen later involved in a murder in Berlin.1. Jul 2020, at 14:32

Foreign Affairs Minister Ivan Korčok

OĽaNO places responsibility on junior partners to deal with plagiarism en masse

The prime minister and MPs of his party do not demand Boris Kollár's resignation, they want to check all academic degrees in the country.30. Jun 2020, at 12:34

OLaNO MPs and Igor Matovic say they want a law that will put all theses under strutiny.

Why Kollár is wrong and his claims are indefensible (FAQs)

Kollár’s claim that stealing from other authors “is no tragedy” is wrong.25. Jun 2020, at 13:59

Boris Kollár showing the originality protocol.

Only one door usually stands between schools and attackers

Teachers often improvise in conflicts.11. Jun 2020, at 23:39


Problematic state quarantine faces complaint in the Constitutional Court

One interpretation says the much-criticised quarantine in state facilities might have been unlawful all this time.25. May 2020, at 11:16

The state quarantine centre in Gabčíkovo.

How the app for smart quarantine will work

The state is expected to monitor people via their own mobile phones.21. May 2020, at 23:20

Second wave of coronavirus epidemic will surely come, Slovakia is now better prepared

One area the country lags behind is tracking the contacts of infected cases.19. May 2020, at 16:38

Chief physician Ivan Kocan and doctor Ján Lazor check a COVID-19 patient's medical condition.

Small shopping centres and terraces open. These rules come into force on May 6

Hygienists published detailed instructions only hours before the new rules came into force.6. May 2020, at 9:30

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FAQ: Crossing the borders amid COVID-19 measures in Slovakia

A less strict regime for some people, mainly those living in cross-border regions, applies as of May 1.29. Apr 2020, at 20:41

The border crossing near Rajka

Marketplaces and small shops open, seniors face more restrictions

Draught beer can be purchased but should only be consumed at home in many municipalities.23. Apr 2020, at 13:39

Žilinská marketplace in Bratislava.

First, the shops will open. But you better forget about sea holidays this summer

Mass events most likely will not be allowed earlier than in autumn.17. Apr 2020, at 15:12

Medical experts, not economists will decide on shops. But the world is more diverse than that, says Sulík

The government will present its plan of easing coronavirus measures in Slovakia next Monday.15. Apr 2020, at 12:59

Richard Sulík