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From poster country to endemic anxiety. What people in Slovakia lost during the pandemic

Lack of communication and chaotic management corroded trust in authorities and put the public's mental health at risk.22. Dec 2020, at 15:05

Tech visionary: Slovak innovation could soon change how we talk to each other

Mária Virčíková from Matsuko eyes up Silicon Valley with game-changer holographic communication.7. Oct 2020, at 9:08

Mária Virčíková

Slovak globe-trotting maverick grounded by coronavirus: I’m just happy to be alive

Extreme traveller Amin Nakhlé has stood at the edge of the world – and his life. Still, he considers himself lucky to be stuck at home.14. May 2020, at 17:47

Amin Nakhlé at the end of his journey hitchhiking the longest road in the world - the 30,000-kilometre long Pan-American Highway that stretches from Alaska to the Argentinian Tierra del Fuego.

Slovak far right courts youth vote in pivotal ballot

As Slovakia prepares to vote on Saturday, thousands of young voters are expected to opt for a far-right party that many would call neo-Nazi. What gives?26. Feb 2020, at 8:15

Extremism is a growing problem.

Vegetables, spa, and confusion. Welcome to Slovakia’s newest town

If European standards for number of residents would apply, there would only be ten towns in Slovakia. Currently, there are 141.20. Feb 2020, at 7:01

Enjoying thermal water in Nesvady.

Highest-ranked Slovak at Red Cross: Society is changing – and so must humanitarian aid

In a conflict-ravaged world where half the population is under thirty, young people should have a seat at the table, says Marcel Štefánik.20. Dec 2019, at 6:07

Marcel Stefanik is the highest-ranked Slovak at the Red Cross.

Aeromodelling World Champion: State aid can’t even cover basic expenses

Ján Littva must fend for himself despite having won the second most titles in the history of his sport.10. Oct 2019, at 16:33

Ján Littva wants to organise a world championship in aeromodelling at his private airport.