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Michaela Terenzani was appointed editor-in-chief in 2015. She started writing for The Slovak Spectator as a freelancer in March 2007. Ms. Terenzani received her bachelor degree at the Faculty of Mass Media Communication at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Trnava in 2006. During her studies she spent a semester at the Danish School of Journalism in Aarhus. In 2009, Ms. Terenzani received a joint MA degree in Euroculture from the University of Groningen and the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

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Kuciak murder trial: Two witnesses

Two people have already been punished in the murder case.20. Jan 2020, at 21:46

Penta financial group partner Jaroslav Haščák was called forward to the court because of a message Kočner had sent to him prior to the Kuciak murder
Last Week in Slovakia

National court drama intensifies as polls raise alarm

The first week of the Kuciak murder trial saw key witnesses take the stand while polls do not rule out a far-right victory in February.20. Jan 2020, at 14:36

Peter Toth

Kuciak murder trial: Tóth implicates Kočner and others

The former journalist-turned-spy Peter Tóth, who surveilled journalists for Kočner, testified on the third day.15. Jan 2020, at 21:10

Witness Peter Tóth was heard for eight hours on January 15, 2019, at the Specialised Criminal Court in Pezinok, western Slovakia.

From star journalist to Kočner's friend: Who is Peter Tóth?

The man who followed journalists for Kočner is a key witness in the Kuciak murder trial.15. Jan 2020, at 11:21

Peter Toth as a witness in court on January 15, 2020.

Key witness linked Kočner to the murder

The key witness of the prosecution testified for over four hours on the second day of the trial.14. Jan 2020, at 22:13

Zoltán Andruskó is escorted to the courtroom.

Kuciak's mother: He said he was doing it to make Slovakia better

Families of Ján Kuciak and Martina Kušnírová spoke in court on the second day of the trial.14. Jan 2020, at 13:50

Parents of Ján Kuciak

It was meant to end with a murder in any case, said the man who killed Kuciak

Zsuzsová and Kočner deny involvement in the murder of the journalist.13. Jan 2020, at 23:26

Alena Zsuzsová
Last Week in Slovakia

Historic trial started with a guilty plea

Kuciak murder trial and hauliers’ strike will impact elections.13. Jan 2020, at 15:18

Miroslav Marček

Man who shot Kuciak and Kušnírová: I am guilty

The trial has begun. Kočner and Zsuzsová plead not guilty to the murder.13. Jan 2020, at 13:45

Marian Kočner is escorted to the courtroom.

How the Kuciak case changed Slovakia (overview)

The far-reaching consequences of the murder: What happened in Slovakia between February 2018 and now.12. Jan 2020, at 8:34

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Slovakia 2020: A guide to the political landscape

Find your way in the little big country with our itinerary.10. Jan 2020, at 20:23

Last Week in Slovakia

First prison sentence and a clash over troops

Last week started in Pezinok and ended in Iraq.6. Jan 2020, at 15:37

Zoltán Andruskó arrives to court

What the president wishes for Slovakia in 2020

January 1 is also the Day of the Emergence of the Slovak Republic.2. Jan 2020, at 10:22

Zuzana Caputova

Looking for salvation

Hope is needed to overcome Slovaks’ customary gloom about the state of their republic.30. Dec 2019, at 17:40

“I am sad” reads a billboard from a late 2018 protest gathering in Bratislava, speaking the minds of many of Slovakia’s inhabitants in 2019.
Spectacular Slovakia Podcast

Get ready for Christmas Eve with Spectacular Slovakia

Opekance, bobáľky and pupáčky are the same thing. But what is it?24. Dec 2019, at 14:00

Christmas wafers are a must on the Slovak Christmas table.
Spectacular Slovakia Podcast

Christmas Eve is the best time to wish for money

Slovaks put some cash, or even their credit cards, under their plates.23. Dec 2019, at 14:00

A man sells carps from a fountain in Poprad on December 22, 2014.
Last Week in Slovakia

Pellegrini gets a ministry for Christmas

50-day moratorium suspended and gas crisis looming.18. Dec 2019, at 17:05

Andrea Kalavská and Peter Pellegrini.
Last Week in Slovakia

Tragedy in Prešov and bad news for Kočner from the U.S.

It’s less than three months before the general election and the chairmen of two major parties are facing criminal prosecution.12. Dec 2019, at 5:54

Abortion restrictions get red-light for now

Parliament rejected the SNS' draft amendment, the latest of a number of recent attempts to restrict access to abortion.5. Dec 2019, at 22:58

Illustrative stock photo
Last Week in Slovakia

Smer’s strong team launched action campaign

Počiatek on the record, no to the Istanbul Convention and candidate lists submitted.4. Dec 2019, at 17:17

Robert Fico and Peter Pellegrini, the two faces of Smer.