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Michaela Terenzani was appointed editor-in-chief in 2015. She started writing business stories for The Slovak Spectator as a freelancer in March 2007. She has been in charge of the student section, Spectator University, since October 2007 and currently covers the political news. Ms. Terenzani received her bachelor degree at the Faculty of Mass Media Communication at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Trnava in 2006. During her studies she spent a semester at the Danish School of Journalism in Aarhus. In August 2007 she was awarded an HSP Huygens scholarship by the Dutch Ministry for Education, Culture and Science, which enabled her to do an MA programme in Euroculture. In her studies she focused on nationalism, collective memory, mythology and communication. In 2009, Ms. Terenzani received a joint MA degree in Euroculture from the University of Groningen and the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

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Employers and jobseekers do not speak the same language

Even with an insufficient labour force, companies could fill some positions if they offered better salaries and bonuses.8. Feb 2019, at 9:12

There are still candidates who would be interested in working in some positions if they got more attractive rewards and benefits.

Spectacular Slovakia #21: Schnitzel is not the only thing we have in common

The outgoing Austrian Ambassador to Bratislava shares his experience living among Slovaks.7. Feb 2019, at 9:18

Helfried Carl in Bratislava, shortly after he took up the post of Austrian Ambassador to Slovakia.

Spectacular Slovakia #20: Bratislava is like Prague, but without the crowds

You should get there before everybody else does.30. Jan 2019, at 17:08

Bratislava's Blue Church

Where did the young mayors come from?

Municipal leaders who grew from grassroots movements want to change their cities through communication.28. Jan 2019, at 16:35

Marek Hattas on the election night

Too cool for school?

Fico seems to think the rules don’t apply to him. But he wants to judge everyone else.24. Jan 2019, at 7:47

Robert Fico at the hearing.

Spectacular Slovakia #19: Prepare your cauldrons, it’s zabíjačka time

Naomi Hužovičová talks about her favourite topic - food.23. Jan 2019, at 17:27

‘All his own work’

To preserve their credibility, real academics must call out plagiarism.18. Jan 2019, at 8:50

Speaker of Parliament Andrej Danko

Ruling parties split over attitude to Russia

Slovakia has not updated its security strategy since 2005.15. Jan 2019, at 17:12

Ľuboš Blaha

Spectacular Slovakia #17: A hidden landmark in the far west of Bratislava

Everyone has been to Devín at one time or another.9. Jan 2019, at 17:12

Devin Castle

Pellegrini: We have built a mental Berlin wall

2018 tested how advanced our democracy is, says the prime minister.2. Jan 2019, at 13:54

PM Peter Pellegrini

Kiska: Murder turned 2018 into a year of struggle for decency and justice

In his last presidential New Year’s address, the president called on citizens to continue striving for a better Slovakia.1. Jan 2019, at 13:40

President Andrej Kiska

It started with the murder of journalist. How did Slovakia change in 2018?

A year of anniversaries turned into a year of changes, protests and surprises.28. Dec 2018, at 7:30

Spectacular Slovakia #16: Put your money under your plate on Christmas Eve

Slovak Christmas traditions are about wishes for good health, positive family relations, but also money.20. Dec 2018, at 10:32


Tragedy, but not despair

February witnessed a dismal first for Slovakia, but the public did not lose hope in 2018.19. Dec 2018, at 15:30

Ján Kuciak, Martina Kušnírová were commemorated also in Bratislava, on August 26.

Everybody wants to be home for Christmas, even migrants

Flight and train tickets are hopelessly sold out by now. But what about those who cannot make it?18. Dec 2018, at 12:26

Slovak family in Australia builds a sandman instead of a snowman for Christmas.

Spectacular Slovakia #15: In Slovakia, the Christmas dinner becomes a part of your family

Prepare your taste buds, we are going to have a bite of Slovak Christmas13. Dec 2018, at 14:18


Spectacular Slovakia #14: It’s time to head east

Košice and Prešov make for a very different tourist experience than western Slovakia.6. Dec 2018, at 13:53

St. Elisabeth Dome in Košice

PM hopes to talk Lajčák out of resignation

Pellegrini insists Slovakia will stay on the euro-atlantic track.30. Nov 2018, at 12:18

Miroslav Lajčák

Spectacular Slovakia #13: At Christmas markets, you can drink bacon

Even though Christmas seems to come earlier every year, the markets in Bratislava are something to look forward to.28. Nov 2018, at 21:38


On the borders of schizophrenia

The debate over migration has reached an absurd new level.28. Nov 2018, at 9:17

Andrej Danko (left) was the first to say Slovakia shouldn't even go to Marrakesh.