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Michaela Terenzani was appointed editor-in-chief in 2015. She started writing business stories for The Slovak Spectator as a freelancer in March 2007. She has been in charge of the student section, Spectator University, since October 2007 and currently covers the political news. Ms. Terenzani received her bachelor degree at the Faculty of Mass Media Communication at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Trnava in 2006. During her studies she spent a semester at the Danish School of Journalism in Aarhus. In August 2007 she was awarded an HSP Huygens scholarship by the Dutch Ministry for Education, Culture and Science, which enabled her to do an MA programme in Euroculture. In her studies she focused on nationalism, collective memory, mythology and communication. In 2009, Ms. Terenzani received a joint MA degree in Euroculture from the University of Groningen and the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

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Danko’s office opens MPs’ letters

OĽaNO wants Danko to step down as parliament’s speaker after what they call an unprecedented measure.26. Apr 2017, at 7:14

Igor Matovič (l) and Ján Budaj (r)

Kiska stays away from parliamentary politics

President Kiska has dispersed all questions surrounding his future in politics before Easter, when he announced he was not planning to run for parliament.25. Apr 2017, at 20:46

Andrej Kiska does not want to walk down the path of party politics.

Legitimising fake news

One of Slovakia’s media schools has invited a well-known conspiracy theorist to an academic conference. What does this say about the state of the Slovak media?24. Apr 2017, at 17:46

Tibor Rostas

This is not a game, and these are not children

If politicians care about the future of the country, they need to offer young protesters with specific demands more than the just same old vague assurances.20. Apr 2017, at 18:25

Fico and Danko interfere with public-service media

Statements by PM Robert Fico and Parliamentary Speaker Andrej Danko about the public-service broadcaster provoke press freedom concerns.12. Apr 2017, at 17:50

The building of the public-service television in Bratislava.

No place for hoaxes

For a newswire to seek to broaden its range of sources is understandable. But to do so with no regard for their accuracy or reliability is not.6. Apr 2017, at 17:42

Jaroslav Rezník

Post-Brexit immigration rules to be settled “as early as possible”Video

Brexit is on, but it is unclear where it will leave UK citizens living in Slovakia30. Mar 2017, at 12:23

Britain's permanent representative to the European Union Tim Barrow (right) leaves after he delivered the Brexit letter to EU Council President Donald Tusk in Brussels.

Brexit: Is citizenship an answer?

Citizenship has become a much more frequently discussed issue among Brits living in Slovakia and Slovaks living in the UK following the Brexit vote.30. Mar 2017, at 12:22

Mendoza: A news story can change the worldVideo

Every journalist and editor has the responsibility to take a story beyond their daily beat, says Martha Mendoza, one of the team of four women who won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for their “Seafood…27. Mar 2017, at 16:40

Martha Mendoza

You don’t bring me flowers

As Mrs Dubovcová has discovered, there is scant political passion when it comes to abuses of human rights – that is, the rights of each and every one of us24. Mar 2017, at 6:30

Jana Dubovcová leaves parliament after her last report.

Bašternák accused, but Fico stays in Bonaparte

The charges could still allow Bašternák to pay his tax debt and be acquitted.23. Mar 2017, at 14:44

Bašternák on a poster stating "Our Man", with Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák approaching.

Foreigners could fill job gaps, but not permanently

HR experts say shortage of labour will continue to be the main labour market challenge.22. Mar 2017, at 0:00

Illustrative stock photo

Opposition: No need to move too quickly on amnesties

Extremists from ĽSNS will support the coalition proposal, but talks with other opposition parties continue.20. Mar 2017, at 22:28

Opposition MP Ján Budaj

Words cannot cure cancer

There is corruption in the highest places after all, general prosecutor admits.16. Mar 2017, at 20:31

Corruption reaches high, says Jaromír Čižnár.

Coalition finds a way to scrap Mečiar’s amnesties

The coalition comes up with a way to cancel the controversial amnesties from the nineties; the solution dissolves Fico’s constitutionality concerns.15. Mar 2017, at 16:53

Andrej Danko, Robert Fico, and Béla Bugár (left to right) agreed on a way to scrap the amnesties.

An account long overdue

Scrapping the Mečiar amnesties would go some way towards restoring trust in the system.9. Mar 2017, at 12:54

Vladimír Mečiar, during his 1998 TV performance.

One year on: government rather inactive, more radicalism in politics and beyond

It has been a year since the elections that brought many new elements into Slovak politics: extremists in parliament, a centre-right party ruling the country with Smer.8. Mar 2017, at 16:43

Andrej Danko (l) and Béla Bugár (r)

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