Foreigners: Events around Slovakia

Tips for performances and other events in Slovak regions between August 18 and 27, including an air show, a multi-genre urban festival, a clown show, a festival of teamsters, a golf tournament, and a lot of music.

Slávncia Airshow 2012Slávncia Airshow 2012 (Source: Sme)

Western Slovakia


MUSIC FESTIVAL: Hudba Modre / Music to Modra – The 12th year of the international festival of jazz and chamber music brings four concerts within three days: 9-member swing orchestra Fats Jazz Band with a new programme Večer pri Dunaji (Evening near the Danube) with Czechoslovak music of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s; a concert of the local Elementary Art School; Berger Trio with a guest – first trumpeter of the Slovak Philharmonic, Rastislav Suchan; and a renowned Korean pianist, Sung-Suk Kang with the Moyzes Quartet; as well as recitation of Jozef Leikert poetry by actress Božidara Turzonovová. Starts: Aug 18-21; German Evangelical Church. Admission: free. More info:

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FOLKLORE: Summer at the Nitra Castle / Leto na Nitrianskom hrade 2017 – The programme in the Gothic Moat includes a Folklore UNESCO night with Slovak elements inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, instruments fujara and gajdy (bagpipes) and folk music typical of the Terchová area. Performers include folklore troupes Pupov, Terchovská muzika from Dolniaky, Pohronci, Gajdošskí Trogári of Veľké Zálužie, and female vocal group Vranky. Starts: Aug 18, 19:00 h; Gothic Moat at Nitra Castle. Admission: €3,50-€7. More info:


HISTORY/RE-ENACTMENT: Historical Baroque Day in Mojmírovce – The Historical Baroque Day will this time focus on Maria Theresa, world-renowned Hungarian Queen who also happened to be the Empress of the Holy Roman-German Empire, Czech, Croatian and Slavonian Queen, Austrian Arch-Duchess, Duchess of Parma and Piacenza and Grand-Duchess of Tuscany. Her 100th anniversary is commemorated and celebrated this year. The feast at Mojmírovce manor house includes a historical parade around the village, troupes of historical fencing and theatre Bojník and Banderium, fashion show of historical costumes from the Middle Ages and Baroque period, traditional crafts, period cuisine, music of the ZOE chamber orchestra and the Musicantica Slovaca grouping. Starts: Aug 19, 13:30; Mojmírovce. More info:

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CONCERT: Leto na korze / Summer at the Promenade – Within the summer series, young Slovak musician Jerguš Oravec (blues, rock, folk), will give a performance. Starts: Aug 19, 18:00; Trnava pedestrian zone. Admission: free. More info:

Orlové/Považská Bystrica

JAZZ: Yes 2 Jazz presents: Nothing but Swing Trio & Martin Uherek – The series of events Yes 2 Jazz brings a group playing swing a jazz, Nothing but Swing & Martin Uherek (Klaudius Kováč – piano; Robert Ragan jr. – double bass, Peter Solárik - drums, Martin Uherek – tenor-saxophone). Starts: Aug 19, 20:00; Hotel Gino Park Palace Orlové. Admission: €6 (in advance, reception desk of Gino Park Palace, Cooltajner – Retro café, Top cafe – near the fountain)-€8. More info: 042/4459-600;

Dubnica nad Váhom

AIR SHOW: Airshow Slávnica 2017 (Letecký deň Slávnica) – At the Slávnica airport, the Aeroklub Dubnica nad Váhom hobby club invites you to an air show with aviatic museum, main flight programme and accompanying programme with many modern and historical devices. Starts: Aug 19, 8.00-17:00 (main programme 13:00-16:00); Slávnica airport. Admission: €6, children under 6 free. (sightseeing flights: plane C-172 = 20€ / person Z-37 = 20 € / person L-60 = 20€ person AN-2 = 15€ / person Bell-47 (MASH Helicopter) = 65 € / person. More info:


CONCERT: Dara & Rytmus & Kali – The summer ends with a party featuring Slovak pop and rap musicians, Aara, Rytmus and Kali, in the town amphitheatre. Starts: Aug 24, 20:00; town amphitheatre. Tickets: More info:

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Central Slovakia


MULTI-GENRE FESTIVAL: Starry Nights / Hviezdne Noci – The four-day multi-genre festival in the town offers films, performances and music at various locations. Performers include Ľudové Mladistvá, Chiki liki tu-a, Longital, Veneer, Jimmy Pé, Katarína Máliková, Bulp, The Ills, Chris Ellyss, Fúzy Múzy, Elections In The Deaftown, 3 oka, Tomáš Gregor, The Void, and more. Starts: Aug 17 (12:00) – 20; Slovenskej Republiky Square. More info:

Banská Štiavnica

CULTURE/FESTIVAL: Cap á l’Est 2017 – The 15th year of the festival of poetry, theatre and music hailing the francophone culture this time focuses on the connection between French, Slovak and Czech poetry, books reading, puppet theatre as well as bringing the TOTO je kabinet ilustrácie / This is the Cabinet of Illustration exhibition, and concerts of modern classical music – Quasars Ensemble, Camille Saint-Saëns Carnival of the Animals, Baroque music by Solamente Naturali, as well as a selection from the Conference of the Birds by Iranian Sufi poet Farid ud-din Attar, in a new French translation, turned into music by Madeleine Isaksson, and performed by Robin Troman on flutes and Ershad Tehrani with zarb and duff percussions. Recited by Michel de Maulne (French) and Lucia Letková (Slovak). Starts: Aug 16-19, Old Castle, J- Kollár Gallery, culture centre and cafés around Banská Štiavncia. More info:

Banská Bystrica

ETHNIC FESTIVAL: Ľudia z Rodu Rómov / People of Roma Descent – The 16th year of what is more than a regional festival with international participation presents modern and classical Roma music and culture: Ara Art group of the Czech Republic presents an exhibition on Roma women and a commemorative programme to victims of the Roma Holocaust. The culmination comes with KlaJazzRom – classical, jazz and Roma music performed by three cymbal bands from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and a gala-programme with bands and groups from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Russia. Starts: Aug 16, 20:00 – Aug 19; 19:00, Slovak National Uprising Museum, Kapitulská 23. More info:

Banská Štiavnica

JAZZ FEST: Zvuk for Štiavnica / Sound for Štiavnica – After a one year break, the jazz-fusion festival continues this year, with genres like jazz, fusion, crossover, contemporary, world music, etc. and with names like Anna Gadt New Inspiration (PL); European Mantra (HU); Aftertee (SK); Ľubo Šamo Project (SK); Šrámek, Nikitin, Griglák, Marktl – Altar live (SK); Albireo (CH); Robert Pospiš & Martin Sillay – Balady (SK); Sisa Fehér & Fehero Rocher (SK/CZ); Ján Cikker 105 – Nikitin/Pospiš/Sillay (SK); Ivana Mer (SK) already confirmed. Starts: Aug 17-19; Banská Štiavnica centre, Kammerhofská 1. Admission: €10 (on the site, for individual concerts) or €30 (for the whole festival, at More info:


FESTIVAL OF MUSICALS: Musical Festival of Jozef Bednárik – In its 10th year, the festival hailing the late Slovak theatre director and promoter of musicals, Jozef Bednárik, presents both modern pop music, cabaret entertainment, and classical musicals performed by Slovak artists: Marcela Molnárová with the hit Cabaret (1972), Milan Markovič and Peter Niňaj and Róbert Puškár (political cabaret), and classics – Andrea Zimányiová, Linda Ballová and Mirka Partlová, songstress Linda Genoux, modern musical – Jarmila Hittnerová and Jozef Benedik, as well as fairy-tale songs performed by Eva Kleinová, Michaela Sejnová and Peter Strenáčik. Gala-concert Brusway Hviezdy pod hviezdami (Starts under Stars) on Saturday brings legendary tunes from The West Side Story, The Cats and The Phantom of the Opera, sung by Mirka Partlová, Róbert Halák and Dárius Kočí, as well as Marián Labuda, Jozef Benedik, Tomáš Majláth, Kristína Vrecková, Štefan Skrúcaný and Czech rocker Josef Vojtek. Starts: Aug 18-19; Terrace of Musical Fame, Brusno Spa. Admission: €7-€14 (Friday), €9-€17(Saturday). Tickets, more info:


BUFFOONERY: Squadra Sua (Cz): Happy Hour – The grotesque/buffoonery performance of Czech trio Squadra Squa (Lukáš Houdek, Robert Janč, Roman Horák) can entertain both children over 6 and adults without words, offering a funny insight into gastronomy. Starts: Aug 18, 18:00; Stanica Žilina-Záriečie, Závodská cesta 3. Admission: 3-€5. More info:

Banská Bystrica/Špania Dolina

JAZZ FEST: The 13th International Jazz Festival Špania Dolina invites you to the picturesque village close to Banská Bystrica with an offer of Slovak and foreign jazz musicians: 16:00 – Michal Motýľ Tentet (SK), 17:00 Traditional Club Revival (SK), 18:99 Obradovič – Tixier Duo (SK-FR), 19:00 Lukáš Oravec Quartet & Danny Grissett (SK-US), 20:00 Jazz Band Ball Orchestra & Stanley Brekenridge (PL-US). Starts: Aug 19, 16:00; Klopačka boarding house. More info:


JAZZ: Sisa Fehér & Fehero Rocher (CZ/SK) – At the E & A festival, hailing the memory of Elena Chenot and Adolph Simon, the Sisa Feher & Fehero Rocher quartet (Sisa Fehérová – vocals; Miloš Klápště - double bass, voc; Antonín Dlapa - guitar, voc; Federico De Vittor – piano; Oliver Lipenský – drums) will perform their fusion of jazz, alternative, soul and world music – with a touch of folklore. Starts: Aug 21, 20:00; Bombura Club, M. R. Štefánika Square 16. Tel: 0905/347-415;;


MUSIC/FILM: The Fall of the House of Usher / live music Longital – A rare event, the classical silent black-and-white film The Fall of the House of Usher of director Jean Epstein (in collaboration with Luis Bunuel, featuring Jean Debucourt, Marguerite Gance, Charles Lamy, Fournez-Goffard, Abel Gance, Luc Dartagnan, Halma, Pierre Hot, Pierre Kefer) from 1928 will be accompanied by live music of the Slovak band Longital. Starts: Aug 23, 20:30; Stanica Žilina-Záriečie, summer cinema, Závodská cesta 3. Admission: €3-€5. More info:

Eastern Slovakia


TEAMSTERS FESTIVAL: Teamster tradition / Furmanstvo – The once common skill and daily bread of many Slovaks, the use of horses for transporting loads, especially wood from forests, will be revived in a competition that is part of the Terra Incognita project, discovering hidden gems of eastern Slovakia for locals and tourists. The Furmanské Preteky / Teamsters' Competition will take place in three disciplines – slalom, work with wood, and strength competition. Also, the most beautiful pair of horses will be selected by a poll of visitors. Starts: Aug 20, 10:00; forest park near Sobrance Spa. More info:

Bardejov Spa

HISTORICAL RE-ENACTMENT: Alžbetínsky Deň / Elizabethian Day – The historical stay of Empress Sissi of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy – for three weeks in the local spa in July 1895 – is commemorated to both boost tourism and entertain the wider public, with a re-enactment featuring Sissi and her husband Franz Joseph I taking a stride around the spa with a commemorative entourage, fanfare at 15:00, poem and wreath-laying at 15:15, period dance and scene at 15:30 and a concert of the local orchestra at 16:00. Starts: Aug 20, 14:30; Bardejov Spa. More info:

Veľká Lomnica/High Tatras

GOLF: Faldo Series – The 8th year of Faldo Series Slovakia Championship brings a four-day tournament with three playing days, a training and festive opening on Monday, and award-giving ceremony on Thursday. Starts: Aug 21 (8:00-registration, 18:30-opening) – 24 (7,30 each day); Veľká Lomnica – Poprad, Black Stork Gold Resort, Tatranská 754. Registration fee: €99. More info, registration: 052/4661-806;


CONCERT: Leto v Parku / Summer in the Park – Slovak jazzrock musician Dávid Kollar joins forces with Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen, personage of experimental jazz scene and leader of the Supersilent project. The next day they play at 19:30 in the Elektrárňa venue in the town of Piešťany. Starts: Aug 24, 19:00; Alfa building, Kasárne/Kulturpark barracks, Kukučínova 2. Admission: €7-€10. More info:

Spišská Nová Ves

CONCERT: Fats Jazz Band – The orchestra playing period music of the 1920s to 1940s, evoking the period atmosphere, makes a tour around Slovkia, playing in Spišská Nová Ves and Komárno. Starts: Aug 25, 19:30 (Aug 31, European Courtyard, Komárno), Radničné Square. Admission: free. More info:


CONCERT: Concert of the graduates of master performing courses – The weeklong course open for public (Aug 20-27) by Dagmar Livorová will end with a concert presenting the skills and improved mastery of musicians. Starts: Aug 27, 18:00; Orthodox Synagogue, Okružná 32. More info:

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