Who wants to become regional governor?

Here are the complete lists of candidates.

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The candidates can give up their candidacy before the vote, but their names will still appear on the candidate lists.

Bratislava Region
Trnava Region
Nitra Region
Trenčín Region
Žilina Region
Banská Bystrica Region
Košice Region
Prešov Region

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Rastislav Blaško – independent
Non-parliamentary politician, journalist, photo reporter and sportsman

Jozef Danko – independent

Juraj Droba – candidate of SaS, OĽaNO, SMK, NOVA, the Civic Conservative Party (OKS), Zmena zdola, Democratic Union of Slovakia
Founding member and MP for Freedom and Solidarity (SaS)

Pavol Frešo – independent
Current governor of the Bratislava Self-Governing Region, chair of the non-parliamentary Slovak Democratic and Christian Union (SDKÚ)

Milan Ftáčnik – independent
University teacher, regional deputy in the Bratislava Self-Governing Region (since 2005), former education minister (1998-2002), former mayor of Bratislava’s borough Petržalka (2006-2010), former mayor of Bratislava (2010-2014)

Natália Hanulíková – candidate of Strana zelených Slovenska
Chair of the Green Party of Slovakia, psychologist

Ľubomír Huďo – independent
Former reporter of public-service STV, used to work for conspiracy radio Slobodný Vysielač

Martin Jakubec – independent
usinessman, teacher, politician, TV producer and director, entertainer

Ľubomír Kolárik – candidate of Strana zdravotne a sociálne znevýhodnených občanov

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Daniel Krajcer – candidate of Most-Híd, SKOK, Strana zelených
Former TV presenter and commentator, politician, former culture minister (2010-2012)

Rudolf Kusý – independent
Municipal politician and civic activist, mayor of Bratislava’s city borough New Town

Marián Leinerovič – candidate of Nový Parlament

Milan Lopašovský – candidate of the Party of Modern Slovakia (SMS)

Ján Mrva – independent
Mayor of Bratislava’s city borough Vajnory, city councillor

Lukáš Parízek – candidate of Slovak National Party (SNS)
State secretary of the Foreign Affairs Ministry

Jalal Suleiman – candidate of the Communist Party of Slovakia

Andrej Trnovec – candidate of Slovenská ľudová strana Andreja Hlinku
An employee in cultural sphere

Jozef Uhler – independent
Municipal politician and civic activist, city councillor for Bratislava’s Jarovce borough, deputy mayor of Jarovce


József Berényi – candidate of SMK
Deputy chair of the Trnava Self-Governing Region, former MP and ex-chair of the Party of Hungarian Comminity (SMK)

Jaroslav Cehlárik – independent
Chair of the organisation for the hearing impaired

Tibor Mikuš – independent
Governor of the Trnava Self-Governing Region, former MP, chair of the non-parliamentary New Democracy party

Márius Novák – candidate of Nový parlament

Konrád Rigó – candidate of Most-Híd
State secretary of the Culture Ministry

Jozef Viskupič – candidate of SaS, OĽaNO, KDH, OKS, Zmena zdola, the Democratic Union of Slovakia
MP for the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OĽaNO)


Milan Belica – candidate of Smer, Most-Híd, SNS
Current governor of the Nitra Self-Governing Region (since 2001)

Iván Farkas – candidate of SMK
Mayor of Mužla, regional deputy in the Nitra Self-Governing Region, former MP for SMK

Ján Greššo – candidate of SaS, OĽaNO, KDH, NOVA, OKS, Šanca, and Democrats of Slovakia

László Hajdu – candidate of the Hungarian Christian Democratic Alliance

Renáta Kolenčíková – independent
Regional deputy and city councillor in Nitra, former regional secretary of Smer in Nitra

Ján Marko – candidate of Nový parlament
Security analyst

Peter Oremus - independent
CEO of a private company, regional deputy of the Nitra Self-Governing Region, city councillor in Nitra

Milan Uhrík – candidate of ĽSNS
MP for the far-right People’s Party – Our Slovakia (ĽSNS)


Jaroslav Baška – candidate of Smer, Most-Híd, SNS, Strana zelených
Governor of the Trenčín Self-Governing Region, MP for Smer, former defence minister (2006-2010)

Petra Hajšelová – candidate of Sme rodina

Renáta Kaščáková – candidate of SaS, OĽaNO, KDH, OKS, NOVA, Zmena zdola, Democratic Union of Slovakia
MP for SaS, regional deputy in the Trenčín Self-Governing Region

Nora Pániková – candidate of Strana zelených Slovenska
Environmental activist, self-employed

Štefan Škultéty – independent
Municipal politician, mayor of Trenčianske Teplice (since 2006), regional deputy

Igor Valko – candidate of Nový parlament

Ferdinand Vavrík – independent
PhD student


Juraj Blanár – candidate of Smer
Smer MP and current governor of the Žilina Self-Governing Region

Peter Cibuľka – independent
City councillor in Žilina, dramaturge and manager

Kristián Hoffmann – candidate of Strana zelených Slovenska
Natural scientist, geographer

Erika Jurinová – candidate of OĽaNO, SaS, KDH, OKS, NOVA
MP for OĽaNO

Anton Martvoň – independent
Former Smer MP, lawyer and university teacher

Ján Mikolaj – candidate of SNS
Former education minister (2006-2010)

Marián Murín – independent
Mayor of Mútne

Stanislav Pirošík – candidate of the Communist Party of Slovakia
Project manager of technical insulation

Peter Sagan – candidate of ĽSNS
MP assistant (only a namesake of the famous cyclist)


Viliam Baňák – candidate of the party JEDNOTA – ľavicová strana Slovenska
Former soldier

Miroslav Gálik – candidate of Národ a Spravodlivosť - naša strana​​​​​​​

Pavel Greksa – independent
Mayor of the village of Mýtna in the Lučenec district

Martin Juhaniak – independent
Head of the municipal authority in Brezno

Michal Kantor – candidate of the Strana zelených Slovenska
Environmental manager

Igor Kašper – independent
Economist, city councillor in Banská Bystrica

Martin Klus – candidate of SaS, OĽaNO, NOVA, KDH, OKS
Political analyst, teacher, MP for the SaS party

Vojtech Kökény – candidate of the Party of Roma Coalition
Roma activist

Marián Kotleba – candidate of ĽSNS
Current governor of the Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region, MP for the far-right People’s Party – Our Slovakia (ĽSNS)

Ján Lunter – independent

Stanislav Mičev – independent
Director of the SNP Museum in Banská Bystrica

Zdenek Očovan – candidate of the Nezávislosť a Jednota
War veteran

Alena Pivovarčiová – candidate of Nový parlament
Museology expert

Ivan Saktor – independent
Entrepreneur, former mayor of Banská Bystrica

Jozef Sásik – candidate of the Slovenská ľudová strana Andreja Hlinku​​​​​​​
Forestry expert

Jozef Šimko – independent
Regional politician, mayor of Rimavská Sobota, regional deputy for the Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region, former presidential candidate

Milan Urbáni – candidate of SMS
Doctor, former MP for the Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (HZDS)


Róbert Bačinský – independent

Jozef Bobík – independent

Rudolf Botka – candidate of Nový parlament

Jozef Červeňák – candidate of the Roma Initiative of Slovakia
CEO of a private company

Jaroslav Džunko – independent

Karol Pataky – candidate of Most-Híd and SKOK
Member of Most-Híd, mayor of Kráľovský Chlmec

Oliver Petrík – candidate of the party JEDNOTA – ľavicová strana Slovenska
Chair of the civic association the Institute of Social and Economic Affairs

Richard Raši – candidate of Smer, SMK, Strana zelených Slovenska, Starostovia a nezávislí kandidáti
MP for Smer and current mayor of Košice, former health minister (2008-2010)

Lukáš Sisák – candidate of the Communist party of Slovakia

Vladislav Stanko – independent

Ján Struk – candidate of SMS
CEO of a private company

Štefan Surmánek – candidate of ĽSNS

Adam Šepetka – candidate of Nezávislosť a Jednota​​​​​​​
Manager, teacher and volunteer, member of various professional commissions on national and international levels

Jarmila Tkáčová – candidate of SNS
Economist, former MP for the SDKÚ

Rastislav Trnka – candidate of SaS, OĽaNO, KDH, NOVA and Šanca
Regional deputy in the Košice Self-Governing Region


František Bednár – candidate of Nezávislosť a Jednota​​​​​​​
Civic activist

Ján Garaj – independent

Pavol Gašper – independent

Andrej Gmitter – independent
Former head of the National Labour Inspectorate

Peter Chudík – candidate of Smer
Current governor of the Prešov Self-Governing Region (since 2001)

Milan Majerský – candidate of KDH, SaS, OĽaNO, NOVA
Mayor of Levoča

Eduard Markovič – independent

Jozef Mihalčin – candidate of ĽSNS

František Oľha – candidate of Šanca
Teacher, entrepreneur

Miroslav Škvarek – candidate of SNS
Mayor of Svit

Milan Šteiner – candidate of Strana zelených Slovenska
Technologist in confectionery production

Jozef Šváč – candidate of Nový parlament

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