Biofarma Bratislava: The perfect place to celebrate nature and authentic Slovak traditions

Close to Bratislava lies a popular farm that grants reprieve from the city bustle through delicious food and traditional crafts.

At the Biofarma ecology farm, visitors can enjoy farmyard traditions, including hearty meals and an unrivalled connection to nature. The complex lies on the plot of the former botanical garden of Comenius University. In spring, newborn tiny lambs populate the farm, exuding the spirit of Easter and the revival of nature.

“The spring is the most beautiful part of the year here and we love it the most,” Martina Hlinová, the backbone of the whole project, says, “and for children, the fragile lambs are the biggest thrill.”

In fact, Biofarma is a sheep farm with a hut and shelter. The restaurant is located in an original Slovak wooden cottage that was disassembled and moved from the village of Hybe, and put together again. The owners renovated it with traditional techniques, true to original form.

“We cannot imagine serving meals other than the truly Slovak traditional ones such as Slovak halušky (gnocchi), homemade pirogi, mutton goulash and cheeses from our dairy plant,’’ Hlinová noted.

Easter is an exception, however, when whips are crafted for whipping girls. The meals on offer include thick spinach sauce with home grown eggs, which Slovak housewives always used to cook on Maundy Thursday, called “Green Thursday” in Slovak.

“When we first asked the master harvester Lukáš of Pohorelá to teach children how to make a korbáč, or whip, we thought this activity would be good primarily for our children,’’ Hlinová explained. “But we were happy to notice a huge interest from fathers and many foreign guests.”

Making whips at Biofarma has become a tradition. Usually, it begins on one of the Saturdays shortly before Easter, around 14:00, and lasts until late evening. A master from central Slovakia provides already processed twigs that are used to make the whips. (This year – on Saturday (24.3.2018), from 13:00 to17:00).

He will teach everyone how to make a korbáč, and after 2-3 hours, all participants will leave with their own korbáč whip.

Spring is the perfect time to plan a visit to Biofarma. It is less than a 15-minute car drive from Bratislava on the highway leading to Brno. Once you take the Lozorno EXIT, just follow the signs directing you to Biofarma.

Do not get worried if you fail to notice the wooden arrows. Immediately after you leave the highway, drive right towards Stupava. After one kilometre, you will see a parking lot on the right hand side near the Artesian Well. From here, be sure to drive slowly as you take a sharp left towards the tarmac forest road which leads 2 kilometres through a nice forest and ends at the gates of Biofarma.

Keep in mind that the owners support a healthy lifestyle, and everyone who comes to the farm on a bike will get ½ a meal portion and the national soft drink, kofola, for free.

Opening hours restaurant:

Oct-Mar: 11:00-20:00

Apr-Sep: 10:00-21:00

GPS Biofarma Príroda: 48°18′20.4″N 17°02′35.9″E

“I can tell you from my own experience that the cycling path from Železná Studnička (in Bratislava), across Kačín and around Mariánka, through the Small Carpathians, is a memorable experience,’’ Hlinová says. “If you live in Bratislava, you should cross the Carpathians on foot or on a bike. And take a snack from Biofarme. Life is much nicer then,” she sums up.

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