Foreigners: Events around Slovakia in May

The selection of events not to miss in various regions of Slovakia next month, from gastronomy to sports to musical culture.

Night of Museums and Galleries in Museum of Aviation, Košice.Night of Museums and Galleries in Museum of Aviation, Košice. (Source: TASR)

AUTOMOTIVE/ADRENALINE EVENT: Power Fest – Drag, Drift & Tuning UNING Majáles, Orechová Potôň, Slovakia Ring, May 1, 8:00
Drag, Drift and Tuning Majáles at the Slovakia Ring, the only professional car racing ring in Slovakia, located in the south-west of Slovakia, will witness the fifth Power Fest, with car and motorbike sprint races of the Slovak Championships, international drifting race May Day, static competition Car Fans Cup and the Subaru rally, thus offering some treats for all fans of car and motorcycle races.
Admission: €10.
More information here and or on facebook.

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CITY FESTIVAL: Košice City Day (Deň Mesta Košice ), Apr 30 – May 8, Košice
Celebrations hailing the anniversary of granting the first city coat of arms by King Louis I of Hungary – on May 7, 1369 – make it one of busiest days of the year. In 2018, activities include sailing on homemade boats and rafts, Košické Benátky (Košice Venice), opening of a zoo, launching the high season at the Košice Children’s Railway and at the Katka engine, re-enactment of historical fights and a medieval parade. Events also include highlights like the Cassovia Retro rally of vintage cars with the concourse d’elegance taking place on May 6 (11.00_15:00) and the charity sports event, VSE City Run, on May 3 (10:00-18:00).

Admission: free (for spectators).
More information on the website of the event . For more about the run, visit

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FOLKLORE/TRADITION: Spring Festival and Teamster Races (Slávnosť jari a Furmanské Preteky) 2018, May 6, 11:00, Nestville Park, Hniezdne (Stará Ľubovňa)
This event opens the tourist season in the northern Spiš area. The sixth year presents a draft horse competition, as well as folklore music, a dance, pop music, traditional market, and a competition of Nestville goulash cooked by villages in the region who also are presenting their village, local crafts and folklore.
More info on facebook.

JAZZ: Slovak Twin Flame Tour, May 17-27, cities and towns (Trenín, Banská Štiavnica, Brezno, Nitra, Demänovská dolina valley, Žilina)
Hanka G – aka Hanka Gregušová – jazz, gospel & world-music songstress and lyricist gives a series of concerts (after a US tour) with Ondrej Krajňák around Slovak cities and towns, May 17-27: May – 17, 19:00 Coffee Sheep Trenčín; May 18, 20:00 Libresso Banská Štiavnica; May 19, 20:00 Synagóga Brezno; May 25, 20:00 Life House Beer Nitra; May 26, 20:00 Tri Studničky Demänovská dolina; and May 27, 18:30 Café Republika Žilina.

For more information visit the website of the artist or Ticketportal.

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GASTRONOMY/MUSIC: Trdlofest, festival of traditional local cake, wine and music, May 19, Skalica
The protected local delicacy, Skalický Trdelník, will be prepared and baked in front of visitors at this town feast, then cut, sold and enjoyed with another famous local delicacy, the red wine Skalický Rubín, during an open-air music event.
Admission: €1.50-€5.
More information:, Tel.: +421 34 664 5341; mail:

MUSEUMS/GALLERIES: The Night of Museums and Galleries, May 19, all day, around Slovakia
Apart from Bratislava, the Night of Museums and Galleries takes place around the whole of Slovakia, both those falling under the Slovak National Museum (SNM) umbrella as well as those operating separately. In Banská Bystrica and Zvolen, the big Slovak National Uprising Museum (SNP Museum), Forestry Museum, and others will be involved, showing, for example, insight into a military field kitchen. In Košice, the East-Slovak Museum (Východolsovenské Múzeum, VSM) will hail the 100th anniversary of the first Czechoslovak Republic, while some others, like the Vojtech Löffler Museum, have organised their own, more intimate programmes, including events for children, concerts, puppetry shows, guided tours, workshops, ghost nights, dance training, and more.
Admission: various.
More information on the website of the event.

OPERA: La Gioconda – Opera by Amilcare Ponchielli, May 25, 18:30, State Opera Banská Bystrica
The recently premiered opera by Amilcare Ponchielli, La Gioconda (in four acts and in Italian), is a lesser-known connection between Verdi-style romantism and the start of verism in the late 19th century. In the State Opera, it has been rehearsed and conducted by Igor Bull, directed by Dominik Benše, choreographed by Béla Kéri, and performed by Patrícia Solotruková, with Jolana Fogašová Terézia Kružliaková, Michaela Šebestová, Jitka Sapara Fischerová, Agnieszka Zwierko, Paolo Lardizzone, and Michal Lehotský as guests, as well as others.
Admission: €10.
More info:

GASTRONOMY: Halušky Terchová (Terchová Dumplings), May 26, Nad Bôrami Amphihteatre, Terchová
The World Championship in cooking and eating the national specialty, sheep cheese dumplings, has become a popular annual event, with a music programme including Peter Nagy & Indigo, Sima Martausová, Martin Repáň, and local Ťažká Muzika folk band, and more. The proceeds go to orphanages and for the renovation of the Zbojnícky Chodník path in Vrátna valley.
More information on the website of the event. ​​

CITY FESTIVAL: Use the C!ty 2018, May 30-June 2, Košice
The Use the C!ty festival invites inhabitants and tourists to see the eastern-Slovak city from a different perspective, with Slovak and foreign artists exploring and discovering the public space. In 2018, the programme offers art in a tram, an event in a bookshop, plein air painting in the centre, movement theatre, music on a tram, a comedy, legal graffiti spraying, events for children, re-enactment of medieval life in the city, knitting workshop, mass skating, a Game Challenge, modern circus with a parade and a workshop, dance show, and a fashion, all for free.
More information here.

THEATRE: Take a Chance on Me (Daj mi Šancu), May 31, 19:00, Záhrada CNK, Banská Bystrica
The latest premiere of the Divadlo z Pasáže special theatre team is directed by US director Steve Bailey.
Admission: €2.50-€5,
Booking:, 0918 688 811, 048/4124782
More information here.

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