Foreigners: Top 10 events around Slovakia in October

The selection of events not to miss in various regions around Slovakia next month, including an internationally renowned marathon, a sauerkraut feast, a visual arts festival, a multi-genre festival, and a lot of music.

MMM 2015. International Peace Marathon Košice: Kenyan runners, future winner Kosgei is looking back.MMM 2015. International Peace Marathon Košice: Kenyan runners, future winner Kosgei is looking back. (Source: TASR)

CLASSICAL MUSIC: Babie Leto, October 4-7, Levoča
GASTRONOMY: Dni Zelá (Days of Sauerkraut ), Oct 5 -7, Stupava
ART FESTIVAL: Biela Noc (White Night) 2018, Oct 6, Košice
MARATHON: International Peace Marathon, Oct 7, Košice
HISTORICAL FESTIVAL: The Witch of Ružindol, Oct 6, Ružindol near Trnava
CHOIR MUSIC FESTIVAL: Voce Magna 2018, Oct 10-13, Žilina
HUNTING FEAST: Hubertova Jazda, Oct 13, Betliar
ROCK/POP MUSIC: Longital Suita Tour, Oct 13-20, around Slovakia
MULTI-GENRE FESTIVAL: Barbakan 2018, Oct 16-20, Banská Bystrica
COMMEMORATIVE CONCERT: 1918-2018 – Joint Centenary, Oct 26, Banská Bystrica

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CLASSICAL MUSIC: Babie Leto (Levoča Indian Summer 2018,) October 4-7, City theatre Levoča

The 11th cycle of classical music with international participation brings seven concerts to the congress and theatre hall of the City Theatre in Levoča. Guest artists for 2018 include the Elbląg Chamber Orchestra conducted by Paweł Kotla, Janusz Wawrowski, the Vienna Kammersymphonie Quintet, Klára Kolonits, Jozef Lupták and Jonathan Powell.

More information:, Nadežda Conway – 044/2083661329, +421 904606672, +421 914179778.

GASTRONOMY: Dni Zelá Stupava (Days of Sauerkraut in Stupava), Oct 5 -7, Stupava

The local tradition of storing fermented cabbage, sauerkraut, in casks has developed into a weekend of keeping tradition alive, promoting the Záhorie region and also exhibiting and offering local products. The star of this festival is the local sauerkraut itself, Supavské Zelé – which received a protected designation of origin at the level of the European Union in 2017. The three days include a market, exhibition of fruit and vegetables, cooking sauerkraut soup, and live music, culminating in fireworks.

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More information.

ART FESTIVAL: Biela Noc (White Night) Košice 2018, Oct 6 (some objects Oct 5-7), downtown Košice

Biela Noc 2018 / White Night / Nuit Blanche 2018 is the 9th edition of the international contemporary festival which invites inhabitants and visitors to discover the city environment, given a new dimension through art. Košice becomes an interactive space for one night, with music and contemporary light installations breathing life into the city night, whereby the night becomes “white”.

Admission: BN Pass for artworks located in interiors or other enclosed spaces - €5 (free for children and seniors).

More info: and in English at

INTERNATIONAL MARATHON: Medzinárodný Maratón Mieru (MMM) (International Peace Marathon), Oct 7, Košice,

This year MMM has been included in the Abbott World Marathon Majors (AWMM) and thus joined events like the Tokyo Marathon, Boston Marathon, Virgin Money London Marathon, BMW Berlin-Marathon, Bank of America Chicago Marathon and TCS New York City Marathon. The running categories are now full but you can still sign up to meet with Olympic champion Matej Tóth. In the programme Vybehaj to s Matejom (Run with Matej) people will have the chance to meet with this outstanding Slovak athlete on the course of the run itself, on Sunday 7 October, and during a friendly meeting and social activities on Saturday 6 October. You can register free of charge to meet with the Olympic champion and then go for a walk with him through the centre of Košice. The walk is almost four kilometres and leads through the green heart of Košice and the historical centre.

Admission: free for onlookers.

More information.

HISTORICAL FESTIVAL: The Witch of Ružindol, Oct 6, 12:00 - 18:00, Ružindol near Trnava

The village of Ružindol near Trnava will remember its "witches", local women who were condemned for witchcraft in the 17th and 18th centuries and burnt at stake. The processes with four witches will be staged in the village. There will also be workshops and other activities taking place around the village, and local producers of wine and honey will offer their products for tasting.

Admission free, more info in Slovak here.

CHOIR MUSIC FESTIVAL: Voce Magna 2018, Oct 10-13, Žilina

At various sites around Žilina, a host of concerts – including a singing competition – take place between October 10 and 13 within the international festival of choir music, Voce Magna. The highlight comes with the gala-concert on October 13, in the House of Art Fatra, at 19:00. There, the winner of the competition will perform with the Czech troupe Motýli, Polish female choir VUSŠ of K. Szymanowski and Slovak choir Lúčnica.

More information.

HUNTING FEAST: Hubertova Jazda (Hubert's Ride), Betliar 2018, Oct 13, Betliar mansion

The 23rd year of the Ride of St Hubert (Jazda sv. Huberta) in the park of the Beltiar mansion offers an occasion for horse breeders and a hunting celebration, marking the highlight of the season. Mounted hunters chase a mounted person with a fox fur on their back. The event includes also a ceremonial and social occasion with a bit of fun. Drinking is allowed but those who lose their cap, fall off the horse or otherwise break the rules will have to undergo a Last Judgment in the evening and pay for the transgression. Beliar has long hunting tradition, as one of the most famous owners, Count Andrássy, was an avid hunter.

More information (in Slovak).

ROCK/POP MUSIC: Longital Suita Tour, Oct 13-20, various cities around Slovakia

The art-pop band Longital (Shina - vocals, bass and Dano Salontay - vocals, guitar) joined forces with drummer Marián Slávka and recently published a new video, from the Radio_Head Awards festival, called Divoko – in string arrangements. It is an invitation to the autumn Longital Suita tour which this time includes a string quartet (Štefan Filas-violin, Milan Adamec-violin, Slavo Solovic-viola and Jozef Lupták cello) and takes musicians to Trnava (Malý Berlín, October 13), Košice (Kasárne/Kulturpark, Oct 14), Žilina (Bábkové divadlo, Oct 15), Bratislava ( Nová Cvernovka, Oct 19), and Banská Bystrica (Záhrada/Barbakan festival, Oct 20).

Tickets available here.

More information.

MULTI-GENRE FESTIVAL: Barbakan 2018, Oct 16-20, Banská Bystirca (musical part Oct 19-20 at CNK, Farhof and Klub 77)

This edition of the multi-genre festival brings, among other attractions, crowd-pullers and hits like Longital (Záhrada Oct 20), Nvmeri (latest Radio_Head award), Says (Záhrada, Oct 19), DJ Junior (Farhof Art Club, Oct 19) and Malalata Balkan bashavel (Klub 77, Oct 20).

Information, tickets (in Slovak).

COMMEMORATIVE CONCERT: 1918-2018 – Joint Centenary, Oct 26, 19:00 State Opera Banská Bystrica

The “Festive Concert Hailing the 100th Anniversary of the Establishment of Czechoslovakia” features the conductor and soloists of the Salesian Theatre in Opava (Czech Republic) performing with the orchestra of the State Opera Banská Bystrica to commemorate the 100 years since the first common state of Czechs and Slovaks, Czehcoslovakia, was founded.

Tickets and information.

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