Inspiration for an autumn trip near Košice

Peace pillars can be found there, too.

(Source: Milan Kapusta, TASR)
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A popular hill to climb near Košice is Kojšovská Hoľa (1,246 metres above sea level). It is one of the highest peaks of the Volovské Vrchy with a weather station located on top.

Kojšovská hoľa is one of the most visited peaks in eastern Slovakia. Spectacular views from the top when the weather is good attracts many hikers. Approximately 1 km below the peak of Kojšovská hole at an altitude of 1,045 m stands the Erika chalet which is the second highest hut in the Košice Region.

On the southwest slope of Kojšovka (about 240 m from the meteorological station) stand the 49 Pillars of Peace which mark the location of Slovakia on the 49th parallel and symbolise the preservation of peace in Europe. They were installed here in 1997 and the area became known as the Mountain of Peace. The arrangement of three triangles expresses symbolic support for the physical, and spiritual growth of man. They bear the inscription "Let peace always rule on Earth and let peace be in Slovakia".

Kojšovská hoľa is accessible almost from every side. The classical hike leads from the old mining village of Zlatá Idka and takes about two hours.

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