Black Friday has a competition

Shopping madness days will be followed by a day of celebration of generosity, giving, and volunteering – #GivingTuesday.

(Source: Ulita)

Selfless giving does not need to be preceded by hectic shopping. The aim of the “Giving Tuesday” is to show us how to spread goodness.

This year, #GivingTuesday falls on the 27th of November. There are many ways to celebrate it.

"It is about helping a non-profit organisation, a friend or a random person you meet in the street. We can donate money, material things, our own time when volunteering, as well as our professional expertise, "explains Jana Desiatniková from the Pontis Foundation.

In Slovakia, we will celebrate the "Giving Tuesday" for the second time now. It is an opportunity for non-profit organisations to reach out to their supporters and acquaintances and ask for help where it is really needed. Also, companies can involve their employees and help a good cause.

In 2017, the Slovaks were able to enjoy the joy of helping for the first time. They donated more than 83,000 euros, more than 12 tons of clothing and other useful things, countless hours of volunteering, and other good deeds.

Own clothing brand thanks to #GivingTuesday

Last year, non-profit organisation Ulita, which focuses on working with young people from Kopčany on the outskirts of Petržalka, used #GivingTuesday to gain support for its own clothing brand. The young people with whom the organisation works are involved in the creation of the brand.

Their social project included everything from designing a custom logo and making clothing labels to advertising and selling itself.

The idea of creating custom-made clothes originated in Ulita organisation some time ago, and #GivingTuesday provided a good opportunity to finally realise the idea, ask donors for help and get the necessary funding. Hence, the entire process did not end with the #GivingTuesday. On the contrary, Ulita organisation started a half-year long pilot project KPCN, during which they tested how the production and sales of clothes work.

"With the funding gained through the #GivingTuesday donations, we were able to cover almost the entire costs of producing a test batch of clothing. This was very beneficial for us and we are very grateful to each donor, "said Veronika Morháčová from Ulita organisation.

Support experiences for children from socially disadvantaged families

"Many children and young people who attend our community centre come from families that can not afford to pay fees for children clubs, trips, and other experiential activities," adds Morháčová. However, these activities are very important for proper mental and social development of young people by developing their social skills, healthy self-confidence, and mental well-being. These activities are also a form of constant informal learning.

Therefore, Ulita organisation is now planning to organise a trip to a cottage in nature.

"We will use the donations to cover the necessary expenses for the trip, such as accommodation, travel costs, meals, ski passes, and borrowing skis and other materials," says Morháčová.

If you want to do a good deed and join the #GivingTuesday, support a trip for children from Ulita organisation. You can do so at

The Slovak Spectator has teamed up with Dobrá Krajina (Great Country) to create a space for stories of people and communities who need our help. Each article in the series For a great country will give you the opportunity to support a specific project and actively contribute to building a great country.

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