What makes us happy at work?

What are the things that make employees stay longer in a company? You don’t have to guess. Let them tell you.

We have asked employees from Johnson Controls Bratislava Business Center what makes them happy about working in their company and what are the things that in their opinion differentiate Johnson Controls from other shared service centers in Slovakia.

Giorgos, Accountant Clerk

The first and most important think that makes me happy about working here is definitely the people in my team. We have a special bond from the first day we started working here and this is the first reason I look forward to coming to work every day. We support and motivate each other, initiate open discussions, and maintain a positive attitude.

Another motivation for me is the multicultural environment and diversity in the teams, having various nationalities and mindsets coexisting in the company. It is interesting and fascinating that the Slovak core is surrounded by a multinational variety of people and the mixture of all these different people manage to interact, understand each other and work together towards a common purpose.

Integration of all these nationalities makes Johnson Controls different, taking into consideration that more and more foreigners are joining the company. Foreigners have the need to feel that they are coming to a friendly and open-minded community that supports individuality. I also appreciate managerial approach that most of time does not require adoption of strict instructions and offers freedom. Every employee needs to feel that they are the coordinator and master of their own activities. The fact that we can take a break in the relax area without having fear of our supervisor makes us even more responsible.

Denisa, Accounting Specialist

Johnson Controls provides me with many opportunities to grow and develop myself in my professional life but also supports my work-life balance. There are many benefits and I most appreciate various trainings, language courses, flexible working time, and even our own canteen and gym. I also enjoyed participating in the Johnson Controls relay halfmarathon with my colleagues during the Bratislava Marathon last weekend.

I would say that Johnson Controls is a smart company that supports motivated and dynamic people who like to work on themselves.

Rumen, Accountant Specialist

Many people will think it is strange, but for me the most important things are challenges. I am not talking about the challenges that break you down, but challenges that make you grow, learn new things and improve. In the last two years with Johnson Controls, I have learned more than in previous ten years of my professional experience combined.

I have never been in a company, which provides more opportunities for trainings and development than Johnson Controls. If you work hard and show that you are capable you can grow your career very fast. Hearing success stories of many managers in the company makes you believe that you can succeed too and you can be in their role one day. Even I am experiencing this now. In less than two years, since I was hired as an Accountant, I was promoted to Accountant Specialist and I am rotating to an Assistant controller position soon. The fact that the company promotes development of employees and encourages them to find their path is something I have not seen in my professional career before.

Because we spend half of our days in the office, it is normal that people around us play a big role in on how we feel. Having the opportunity to work with people who are so much different and, at the same time, similar to you, is one of the things that amazes me from my first day here. The fact that there are people with more than 40 different nationalities in our company, all of them striving for the same goal, is something which can make you come to work with joy every single day without hesitation.

Work environment that makes you feel valued nurtures happy employees. In Johnson Controls every single person matters and this is something that motivates us more than a thousand words. Opportunities to participate in different projects, improvements or transitions gives you the feeling that you are important and you can achieve anything.

Juraj, Lead Accountant

What I really like is the atmosphere in the team and company culture. In general, people are very open and friendly and you can speak directly to any manager or director in a very open way.

As Johnson Controls is my first employer I am not able to compare it with other business centers in Bratislava, however from what I hear from my friends and colleagues, I think that our company provides much more benefits in comparison with other employers.

Martina, Senior Accountant

I have joined Johnson Controls in 2014 as a Collector for Italy in the Accounts Receivable department. After a certain time I started to support Spain and Poland and I got involved in several small projects. It was one of the best work experiences and I really enjoyed the time spent in the Collections team. After 2,5 years I decided to rotate to Accounts Payable department and I have become a member of the transition team, which is responsible for transitioning processes from Manchester Business Center to the BBC. I have worked in this team ever since and it is amazing! I love it, the work is not an obligation but a pleasure. I like to learn new things, meet new people, investigate, search, find, and support while being supported by the company.

Johnson Controls is one of the most attractive and most stable employers on the Slovak labor market. I like our company culture and diversity. We have a lot of opportunities to develop our skills, participate on projects, learn and deepen our knowledge. I feel very comfortable in the company and I am proud to be its employee, which is why I participate on many events and workshops organized by our Talent Acquisition team focused on promoting our company. We have a nice work environment, interesting benefit structure, great people and unique atmosphere. I think I am one of those lucky people who can say: “I’m happy at my work.”

Antonio, Accountant

I like the challenging work environment and various benefits provided by the company, including foreign language courses and Six Sigma training, which was the most valuable one for me. I feel motivated by being involved in so many procedures focused on improvement in the company. There are many opportunities to grow, to gain experience and learn more every day. And, if you can organize your time in an efficient way, you can manage to maintain a very good work-life balance and enjoy flexible working hours.

Michaela, Accountant

For me, the most important thing is that my day to day work has its logic behind. Once you combine this logic with your knowledge, it helps you grow and move forward on a daily basis not just in terms of work, but also within your private life. Every day, we gain new knowledge and skills which are being shared with our great colleagues within our teams, especially with our newcomers. What I also like about Johnson Controls is the fact that we are in a daily contact with people from so many cultures and nationalities. For me personally, it is pleasure to cooperate with them.

Johnson Controls is all about challenges we face in our day to day work and having better opportunities in terms of gaining new experience and developing ourselves. But what I find as the biggest difference is actually the approach, appreciation and the support from the management and team leaders. I like that the management challenges the current status quo and encourages improving current procedures.

Luca, Finance Analyst

Being a Financial Analyst in Johnson Controls means having to deal with a warm environment and professionals in order to know more and more every day. I love to work with numbers, I always have. To help my company identify cost cutting measures they hadn't previously discovered, develop process improvements, or perform sensitivity analysis to support projects and forecasts is thrilling to me.

I had previously worked in another company in Bratislava and I can definitely say that in Johnson Controls there are several reasons why someone should consider joining the company and stay for growing both professionally and personally. You can count on a huge number of activities during the year, you have options to attend various trainings, language courses or go to a gym, which is only a few steps away from your desk. We work in an international environment and everything is working very well. But the only way to see how it works is to come and work with us.

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