You have only one day to get an absentee ballot

People can ask for an absentee ballot via mail or email until May 3.

(Source: Sme)

Voters who will not be able to cast their ballot in the European Parliament

elections at the polling station assigned to them can ask for an absentee ballot.

All they need is to deliver the request to the municipal authority. However, those so via mail only have time until May 3.

How to ask for a ballot?

The quickest way is to use the online app run by the Slovensko.Digital platform. It took only 3:24 minutes to create the request and send it to the respective municipal authority, the Sme daily reported.

The app guides users through the process. It tells them which data should be filled in and also finds an email address where the request needs to be sent.

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Another way is to send the request via mail. It needs to contain the name and surname of the voter, birth number, nationality, permanent residence and address to which the ballot will be delivered.

The municipality should send the absentee ballot three days after the request is delivered. It is possible to get the absentee ballot in person, but no later than one day before the election. For Slovakia, it is May 24.

The ballot can also be picked up by an authorised person. However, the name of this person needs to be stated beforehand, along with the number of their ID card.

People cannot vote from abroad

Slovakia is only one of four European countries whose citizens living abroad can vote via mail or online. The other countries are the Czech Republic, Ireland and Malta.

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“The draft law that will enable the mail vote in the EP elections is underway,” Petra Friese from the Interior Ministry’s press department told Sme.

The turnout in the EP elections in Slovakia belongs among the lowest. In the last elections in 2014, it was even the lowest in the entire EU, at only 13 percent.

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