Pellegrini's visit to the White House is good news

America is still essential for European security.

Slovak PM Peter Pellegrini and US President Donald Trump met on May 3 in the White House.Slovak PM Peter Pellegrini and US President Donald Trump met on May 3 in the White House. (Source: TASR)

Nobody is likely to suspect this newspaper of overtly warm feelings towards either Donald Trump or Peter Pellegrini. Yet their meeting in the White House is good news in every respect.

Contrary to his pre-election statements about how obsolete NATO is, Trump is turning the Americans' attention back to central Europe, a region that the previous administration of Barack Obama shamefully threw overboard and left to its own fate. Everyone in charge of this agenda in the Kremlin is sure to have noticed this.

The visions of independent European security without an American overcoat will remain completely outside reality for the foreseeable future. Even if the whole of the EU doubled its defence spending as of tomorrow, it would need decades to build up the equivalent of the American's logistics capacities.

In this regard, European security is still unimaginable without America, and if we have won the attention of the US (also) by purchasing their fighter jets - alright then. It is still a ridiculously low price to pay.


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