First Orava cycling bus hits the road

The bus transports visitors to tourist spots.

Orava castleOrava castle(Source: Sme/Ján Krošlák)
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A special bus for lovers of cycling and tourism has started running in the Orava region and will continue until September 29.

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During the summer holidays, it will transport tourists three times per day, otherwise it runs on the weekend.

“Both locals and tourists will have the possibility of reaching the start of their route with a bike using public transport,” said Erika Jurinová, chairwoman of the Žilina self-governing region, as quoted by the SITA newswire.

The bus has 31 seats and six bikes can fit in the back part. The low entry bus offers easy boarding and disembarking. The price for bike transport is €0.50 and tickets can be purchased from the driver.

The bus commutes between the tourist localities of Zuberec, Zverovka, Vitanová and Oravice. The route starts in Trstená, continues in Nižná, Zuberec and the final stop is Zverovka. It also stops at Vitanová and Oravice on the way back.

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