Learn about the Jasov Monastery in six languages

It contains one of the rarest libraries in Slovakia.

(Source: Courtesy of J. Vaško)
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The reconstructed tourist center is now open in the Monastery of the Premonstratensians in Jasov near Košice. Thanks to the support of the Košice self-governing region, there are several novelties for tourists this season, including an audio guide. The Premonstratensians want to present the historic monument to tourists.

“I am glad that we can introduce and bless the results of our nice cooperation,” said the abbot of Premonstratensians Martin Ambróz Štrbák, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

Six languages

The audio guide for foreign tourists has been prepared, as they wanted tourists to learn as much as possible about the place, ideally in their mother tongue.

Visitors can walk around the monastery and hear the guide in six languages. Besides Slovak and English, there is German, Hungarian, Polish and French.

“Jasov is a lesser known locality but very attractive for toursits,” said Rastislav Trnka, chair of the Košice self-governing region, as quoted by TASR.

Rich Jasov

Besides the cave and the castle, there is a monastery containing one of the rarest libraries in Slovakia, added Trnka. He believes that it will help lure more tourists to Jasov.

Lenka Vargová Jurková, director of Košice Region Tourism, said that the audio guide is an excellent and easy way of creating a more quality experience for visitors. Last year, they worked on an audio guide in cooperation with the village of Ruská Bystrá, which houses a wooden church on the UNESCO list.

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The monastery has been open since May, and there are regular guides with historians and the abbot. If a visitor shows a ticket from Jasov Cave when entering the monastery, there is a discount. If taking the Gemer Express, there is a special bus following the train, which will transport tourists to the monastery and the cave.

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