Another experienced journalist is leaving RTVS

Jaroslav Barborák is leaving the public broadcaster after 12 years. RTVS sites structural changes, but other reporters are critical.

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One of the most experienced reporters of the public-service broadcaster RTVS, Jaroslav Barborák, will no longer be heard on air as of July. The broadcaster did not prolong his agreement.

“A reason? More than short: a managerial decision,” Barborák wrote on his Facebook profile on June 21.

He received the information from Peter Nittnaus, who was charged with managing the radio news desk.

“It seems that my nice story with Rádiožurnál, K Veci and Z Prvej Ruky is ending after 12 years,” Barborák continued.

RTVS allegedly planning more changes

The decision is one of several changes RTVS plans to make for news desks. Other people will be affected, too, according to the website.

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“The planned series of managerial measures is linked to the summer broadcast structure, since some programmes will not be aired, along with the autumn broadcast structure when some processes will be optimised and made more efficient to spend finances more economically,” said Erika Rusnáková, spokesperson for RTVS, as quoted by

She failed to specify which people will be affected by the planned changes.

Some reporters criticise the decision

The decision has been criticised by many of Barborák’s colleagues.

Michal Katuška, another RTVS reporter who chairs the local trade unions association, stressed that there is no mass layoff planned at the broadcaster. Its head Jaroslav Barborák even said that they are in a good financial condition.

“He has no problem with the loss of €18 million a year on licensing fees, as proposed by one of the coalition parties,” Katuška wrote on Facebook. “How, in this great situation, can one journalist's salary save the situation?”

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Katuška reminded of the fact that Barborák did not shy away from asking questions uncomfortable for politicians.

In his opinion, Barborák needs to leave since he became a thorn in RTVS management’s side, together with other critical journalists.

“I express my regret over our audience losing their favourite voice and us losing a great colleague,” Katuška continued. “I also express outrage over this malicious decision to get rid of such a person, only a week before his current agreement expires.”

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