OĽaNO renegade Remišová joins Kiska’s new party

She hopes that Kiska’s new party will bring positive changes to Slovakia.

Veronika Remišová joins Za Ľudí, the party of ex-president Andrej Kiska.Veronika Remišová joins Za Ľudí, the party of ex-president Andrej Kiska. (Source: SME)

The political future of Veronika Remišová, a renegade of the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OĽaNO) is already clear. She has become a member of the new party of ex-president Andrej Kiska, Za Ľudí (For the People).

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Kiska’s interest in having Remišová join forces with him has been known for a long time.

“We need an elaborated programme and a quality team of people who can collaborate and pursue necessary changes,” Remišová said, as quoted by the SITA newswire. “Leaders who will not argue with one another, but will cooperate and focus on a serious programme and discussions with future leaders.”

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She also stressed the need to have constructive and energetic politics, honest with the truth and with people in the regions.

“This is why I decided to join Andrej Kiska and the team of top experts in Za Ľudí,” Remišová continued, as quoted by SITA. “I believe that this new party will bring the positive change Slovaks are longing for.”

Remišová stopped understanding OĽaNO

Remišová and another four MPs left OĽaNO on June 18. As she said in an interview with the Sme daily, she hopes her future cooperation with the movement’s chair Igor Matovič will remain upright, as Slovakia cannot progress if there are personal disputes in politics.

She and Kiska met for the first time to discuss the new party and its political visions on May 23, and they have met several times since then.

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“I’ve been fighting for OĽaNO, bringing proposals and solutions, but recently I stopped understanding the movement’s politics,” she told Sme.

This includes the decision to create a platform for the Christian voters in OĽaNO, and the EP elections when Matovič ran for a post he actually did not want.

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