Kočner's people can no longer earn off Technopol

The controversial case took a new turn.

Marian KočnerMarian Kočner (Source: Sme - Gabriel Kuchta)

People around Marian Kočner can no longer earn off the profitable rent of the Technopol building in Bratislava's Petržalka borough, the Sme daily reported.

The builing was owned by the Technopol Servis company in the past. The police believe Denisa Páveková, former wife of the long-time director of Technopol, Pavol Pávek, stole the shares of the company from the company safe and forwarded them to the group around Kočner. The group then got hold of the building.

Páveková, however, retained the right to rent the spaces in the building to third parties, for her Technopol Services company (only slightly changed name of the previous company). The last known monthly rental were €100,000, but the current economic results of the Technopol Services company suggest it might be climbing up to €250,000 a month from the rental contracts.

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Prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor's Office, Maroš Žilinka, now decided to put the building under the charge of an administrator that the prosecutor selected, in order to prevent further damages. Sme noted that this is an unexpected decision, since Žilinka applied the Penal Code provision that has been effective since 2004 but is not used very often.

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By doing so, Žilinka cut Páveková's company off its only source of income. There is no proof that she was sharing the money with Kočner's group, but there are at least three facts hinting at their very close cooperation, Sme wrote. First, the fact that Páveková still earns off the building is the result of her deal with the group. Second, Páveková sold a house in Bernolakovo to Kočner, but she still lives in it. Third, Páveková's lawyer in dealings with the police is Marek Para, who also acts as Kočner's representative.

Žilinka assigned the Häusler & Häusler company with administering the building last week. The company is obliged to invest money from the rent into facility management and care for the building.

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