Netherland team wins Broomtislava tournament

Eight quidditch teams took part in the Bratislava sports event.

Pressburg Phantoms play against Southampton Quidditch in one of the quidditch tournaments. Pressburg Phantoms play against Southampton Quidditch in one of the quidditch tournaments. (Source: Ondra Hujňák)

The Bratislava-based quidditch team, the Pressburg Phantoms, did not manage to improve its statistics during the second edition of the quidditch tournament, Broomtislava.

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The Pressburg Phantoms came sixth in this year’s tournament. Last year, the team ended in fourth place.

The Western Invaders of the Netherlands won the tournament, in which eight teams from all over Europe partook again.

“We aimed to introduce the Pressburg Phantoms and increase the interest of quidditch to the Slovak public,” said Martin Mornár, one of the organisers, as quoted in the press release.

The only Slovak quidditch tournament took place between July 20 and 21 in Slovakia’s capital of Bratislava.

Slovakia's best result yet

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The Pressburg Phantoms, founded in 2015, is the only quidditch club in Slovakia, often taking part in international tournaments. Yet, Slovakia has its own national team.

On June 30, the Slovak national team came twelfth at the IQA European Games, held in the German town of Bamberg.

“It is the best result we have achieved so far,” Veronika Mičudová of the Slovak Quidditich Association said, as quoted in the press release.

The team, however, ended twelfth place back in 2017 at the same tournament, held in Oslo.

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