Slovakia is employing more foreigners. Which nationality dominates?

Bratislava and Trnava remain the two cities where most foreigners work.

Bratislava remains the Slovak city where most foreigners work. Bratislava remains the Slovak city where most foreigners work. (Source: Sme)

The number of foreigners working in Slovakia keeps growing. There were 73,100 foreign workers living in Slovakia at the end of this June, the statistics of the Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family (ÚPSVaR) suggest.

This is an increase of almost 1,000 foreigners compared to May 2019. In annual terms, the figure went up by 15,100, the SITA newswire reported.

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However, the recorded growth happened to be slower than it was in the first half of 2018. The number of foreigners increased by 8,500 in the first sixth months of 2018 compared to nearly 4,000 in the same period of this year, SITA wrote.

Serbs and Ukrainians dominate

While Serbs dominated the statistics in January 2019, the latest data suggests that Ukrainians are the largest group of foreigners in Slovakia. Their total number increased by 946 between January and June of 2019, to 18,200 workers.

Serbs follow, with more than 13,000 of them working in Slovakia, while Romanians form the third largest group of foreign workers. There are 9,800 Romanians, followed by 5,900 Czechs and 5,400 Hungarians employed in Slovakia.

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Only seven foreigners in Medzilaborce

The statistics also show that the Bratislava district attracts the highest portion of foreigners. As many as 22,700 non-Slovak workers are employed there while 7,500 work in the Trnava district.

The labour office in Malacky (Bratislava Region) reported 3,000 foreign workers, too.

Conversely, only seven foreigners worked in the Medzilaborce district in June 2019, SITA reported.

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