Second case of African swine fever in Slovakia confirmed

To stop spreading the contagion, all bred pigs will have to be killed.

Illustrative stock photoIllustrative stock photo (Source: TASR)

Laboratory tests have confirmed the second case of African swine fever in Slovakia. It occurred in the village of Veľký Kamenec, in the Trebišov district (Košice Region). The distance from the village of Strážne, where the first occurrence of the virus was confirmed, is about 5.5 kilometres, the State Veterinary and Food Administration (ŠPVS) wrote on its website.

As it specified, only one pig died during the past weekend. Subsequently, the samples were sent for laboratory tests. It was confirmed on July 30 that the reason for the pig’s death was the African swine fever virus.

“We’re adopting measures to stop the contagion,” ŠPVS added.

The original source of the contagion is not known yet, and hygienists are still carrying out a respective investigation.

Bred pigs will be killed

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Meanwhile, all pigs bred in the first village stricken with the virus, Strážne, were killed on July 30 to stop the virus from spreading. In addition, based on the negotiations of the expert group, the Regional Veterinary and Food Administration (RVPS) in Trebišov issued a ban on breeding pigs in the village.

Similarly to Strážne, all pigs bred in Veľký Kamenec will be killed. This concerns 68 animals of 12 breedings, head of the RVPS Trebišov Stanislav Kovalík told the TASR newswire.

The protection zone now includes the villages of Veľký Kamenec, Malý Kamenec, and Strážne. The other villages are being monitored, TASR wrote.

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