For a Decent Slovakia protest gatherings will continue

Three more gatherings have been added to the calendar.

The For a Decent Slovakia protests will be held around the country on September 20, including in the biggest cities like Bratislava and KošiceThe For a Decent Slovakia protests will be held around the country on September 20, including in the biggest cities like Bratislava and Košice(Source: SME)

The For a Decent Slovakia initiative plans to return to the streets and through the protest gatherings call on those with power to meet their demands.

The gatherings are scheduled for September 20, 2019, for the anniversary of the 1989 revolution, and February 21, 2020 to commemorate two years of the murders of investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová.

As the organisers mentioned, several “horrible things” have been revealed since the investigation of the double murder started. This includes the connections and influence of Marian Kočner, charged with ordering Kuciak’s murder, on politicians and state bodies representatives, the misuse of the Slovak government’s plane to kidnap a Vietnamese citizen, the low trustworthiness of ex-police corps president Tibor Gašpar, and Mária Trošková and Viliam Jasaň serving as go-betweens between the Government’s Office and the Italian mafia.

“We hope that the investigation will end soon and the culprits will be charged,” the organisers wrote on Facebook.

What are the organisers pursuing?

While their first demand for independent investigation is being fulfilled, a second (new and trustworthy government) is becoming more urgent with every new scandal and approaching general election.

“We want a government that will be based on democratic principles and will have no links to organised crime,” the organisers wrote. “A government that can restore the trust of people in state institutions.”

The initiative joined forces with other organisations throughout the civil sector, including nurses, scientists, teachers, farmers, artists, students, and climate activists. They are pursuing a common goal: equality before the law for everybody, regardless of differences and a country where organised crime has no influence on politicians.

They also expressed support to all police officers and prosecutors, as well as journalists.

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