Slovak photo of the year portrays Čaputová

Take a look at the winning series a Sme daily photographer took on election night.

Winning seriesWinning series (Source: Sme/J.Jakubčo)

Sme daily photographer, Jozef Jakubčo, won the Grand Prix of the Slovak Press Photo contest with his photo A Night with the President.

Jakubčo became the winner of the eighth year of the competition. The photo is part of the series from election night, the Sme daily reported.

Slovak Press Photo director Jana Gavorldtová said that almost the same numbers of photos applied to the competition as in the last year, when some 2,672 photos were entered.

Fréderique Rondet, photo editor of the French daily Liberation and a member of the jury, would like to bring in even more photos to the competition.

Slovak media photographers competed in the following categories: News, Reportage, Portrait, Everyday life, the Art World, Environment and Nature and Sport, and the Grant of Bratislava special category.

A Night with the President

It is also the first time that a series of pictures, rather than one individual image, receives the Grand Prix.

The pictures in the series depict the moments on the election night in Stará Tržnica when it became clear from the preliminary results that Slovakia would have its first female president.

Jakubčo was documenting the event in Stará Tržnica, where Čaputová and her supporters awaited and then celebrated the results.

"We saw Zuzana Čaputová being serious during the campaign," Jakubčo said as quoted by the Sme daily. "And suddenly she was all shining. That was something I wanted in those pictures, and at the same time I wanted to capture her in the space, not pull her out of it, which is why there are full shots rather than closeups of her face."

He decided to make the pictures black and white because there were too many colours in the images.

"The colours made it complicated, it was a mass of people and colours, almost a visual smog. The black and white simplified the perception of the whole picture," Jakubčo said.

Mobile phones have a special category

A new feature in international categories is the Mobile Photo category. The theme of this category is Problems of Today. All international categories are open to participants from Slovakia, Czechia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia and Ukraine.

This year, the jury will decide to award the Young Talent Slovak press photo to a Slovak photographer - a student of up to 26 years of age, who will impress the jury with his/her work. In addition to the award, the Slovak press photo foundation will organize an independent exhibition on the winner.

The special category Grant of Bratislava is held under the auspices of the Mayor of Bratislava, Matúš Vallo. The winner of this category, who will be nominated by the jury and selected by the Mayor of Bratislava, will receive a scholarship of €2,000 for taking pictures of Bratislava's changes. This year's theme is Genius Loci.

The results will be announced on October 3 in Bratislava and the awarded works will again be exhibited in the House of Arts in Bratislava. The project was financially supported by the Art Support Fund.

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