Slovakia will introduce a deposit scheme for PET bottles and cans in 2022

A billion PET bottles are circulated on the Slovak market every year.

The Slovak parliament has adopted a law that will introduce the deposit return scheme for PET bottles in 2022.The Slovak parliament has adopted a law that will introduce the deposit return scheme for PET bottles in 2022.(Source: Sme)

Slovakia will launch its deposit return scheme for PET bottles and cans in 2022 as the new law approved by the parliament stipulates. It comes into force in January 2020, as reported by the SITA newswire.

“The deposit on PET bottles is a big step towards a greener and cleaner Slovakia,” Environment Minister László Sólymos (Most-Híd) said, as quoted by the TASR newswire. He added Slovakia is the only country in central Europe that will introduce such a scheme.

The new system concerns only stores with an area of more than 300 square metres.

The price for depositing a bottle will be €0.12. In the case of cans, it will be €0.10. The introduction of the system is expected to cost €80 million.

Experts welcome the scheme

The Environment Ministry added that a billion plastic bottles are circulated on the Slovak market each year, 400 million of which end up in landfills.

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Today, more than 86 percent of Slovaks say they are in favour of the deposit return scheme in a survey conducted for the Slovak Environment Agency (SAŽP), as reported by SITA.

Experts from the Centre for Sustainable Alternatives (CEPTA) welcomed the fact that this law has been adopted in the parliament. However, they do not agree the scheme should be funded through public sources.

“The costs of the deposit return scheme should be shouldered by those who profit from the sale of drinks,” Miloš Veverka and Daniel Lešinský of CEPTA said, as quoted by SITA. This means sellers and producers ought to pay since the scheme represents the “polluter pays” principle in reality.

They also rejected the claim the deposits on PET bottles and cans is costly.

“The complex study by the Institute for Environmental Policy (IEP) shows the scheme will increase producers' costs by 1.1 cent per PET bottle,” they added, as quoted by SITA.

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