Merkel’s ex-adviser will counsel Tachyum

Kurt Lauk is believed to help Tachyum understand European industries, producers and suppliers better.

An illustration pictureAn illustration picture (Source: Tachyum)

Kurt Lauk, a former economic adviser to Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, will join the team of the California-based tech company Tachyum. He will become a member of its board of advisors, as the company informed in a press release.

Tachyum was co-founded in 2016 by Radoslav Danilák, who had immigrated to the USA. The firm is developing Prodigy, the world’s first universal processor.

Lauk, who has sat in several management boards, including Audi and Chrysler, and served as an MEP, will counsel on EU business strategies and “how the tech firm can help facilitate EU technological sovereignty,” Danilák said in the press release.

He also believes Lauk, with his hard-evidence experience, can help Tachyum understand European industries, producers and suppliers better.

Tachyum’s investor welcomes Lauk

It is not just the tech company that hopes Lauk will bring valuable experience. This hope was shared by its lead investor, IMP.

They believe that Tachyum and Lauk will be able to “identify Prodigy value-added insertion points within Industry 4.0 and the car industry”, the pres release reads.

Prodigy is seen as the smallest and fastest processor developed until now. It is also said to markedly contribute to the building of machines that are more powerful than the human brain, the press release reads.

Prodigy from Bratislava

Danilak said in a recent interview with The Slovak Spectator that Prodigy will be a European chip produced in the research and development centre in Bratislava.

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“We believe Tachyum will play an essential role in creating an innovation ecosystem, which is a key factor in the transformation of the Slovak economy from manufacturing to knowledge-based,” IPM’s representative Adrian Vyčítal said, as quoted in the press release.

Tachyum is planning the first tape-out next year, starting volume production in 2021.

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