Cleaner air, longer life and safer than before. Slovakia has changed in its 25 years

The Slovak Spectator's 10 most read stories in 2019.

Bird's eye view of Bratislava's Old Town.Bird's eye view of Bratislava's Old Town. (Source: Spectacular Slovakia Travel Guide)

1. The big return

A scientist who returned to Slovakia after 19 years writes about the 10 things she does not miss about America.

10 things I do not miss about America Read more 

2. A big fight in the capital

Hooligans had a fight in downtown Bratislava this summer. This is how they destroyed the city centre.

Hooligans had a fight in downtown Bratislava Read more 

3. Will Bratislava be like Vienna?

One of my enduring fears about Slovakia is that one day it will turn into Austria. James Thomson writes about Bratislava's new parking policy.

By their parking policy shall ye know them Read more 

4. The president's story

Zuzana Čaputová took a long time to decide if she should go into politics at all. Read the story of Slovakia's first female president.

From attorney and activist to president of Slovakia. Who is Zuzana Čaputová? Read more 

5. Bizarre election

The Harabiňák bus and the love for schnitzels. The campaign before the presidential election brought some bizzare moments.

Looking presidential Read more 

6. The best spots for romance

Are you looking for something cosy and romantic? CNN gathered a list of 15 most romantic towns in central Europe. These are the go-to places in Slovakia.

Two Slovak towns listed among the 15 most romantic towns in central Europe Read more 

7. Archeological masterpiece

Semi-precious stones, jewellery, as well as containers made of rare glass and other findings have been found by a Slovak archaeologist during this year's research mission in Kuwait.

Slovak archaeologists found gemstones of Old Christian community in Kuwait Read more 

8. The power of a Slovak passport

Slovakia issues a rather powerful passport but it is not a very welcoming country. Take a look at its performance in this year's international rankings.

How powerful is a Slovak passport? Read more 

9. Tragedy in Prešov

Gas explosion in a block of flats in Prešov in early December left eight dead and many without a home.

Gas explosion in a block of flats, emergency situation in Prešov Read more 

10. Slovakia has changed

Cleaner air, longer life and safer than before. This is how the country has transformed in its 25 years.

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Top stories

No balanced budget for next three years, this time due to COVID-19

2021-2023 general government budgets lack consolidation measures.

Finance Minister Eduard Heger

Pity the nation

Americans’ choice of president on November 3 will affect Slovaks too.

The second US presidential debate.

Extension of the tram line deeper into Bratislava’s Petržalka is closer to completion

After completion, passengers will be able to go from the very end of Petržalka to the city centre in 10 minutes.

The current tram terminal station on Jungmannova Street in Petržalka.

Pilot nationwide testing is over

The prime minister and the defence minister consider the pilot testing successful.

Zázrivá, the Dolný Kubín district