Poll: Slovaks worry about corruption and a bad political culture

The most problematic area is the standard of living.

"Corruption is cancer of society""Corruption is cancer of society"(Source: Sme)

Corruption, a bad political culture and non-functional health care raise the most concerns among people in Slovakia. They are less bothered by unemployment or the economic situation, a poll carried out by the Focus agency for the ethics watchdog Transparency International Slovakia (TIS) shows.

Respondents of the poll, conducted between December 2 and 9 on 1,009 respondents, were asked to choose the three biggest problems of people in Slovakia.

The standard of living is considered the most problematic, as the results suggest. It is followed by the situation in health care, and unemployment.

“While at the beginning of the decade, most Slovaks saw unemployment as the biggest problem in the country, it is currently in fifth place,” TIS wrote, as quoted by the SITA newswire.

More people worry about corruption

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In comparison with previous polls, fewer people worried about the standard of living, though it is still the biggest problem.

Low-quality health care and an insufficient fight against corruption came to the fore. Corruption was mentioned as one of the main problems of the country by 40 percent of citizens, two-thirds more than in the poll from January 2012, TIS continued.

Compared to 2012, concerns over the environment doubled (from 4 to 10 percent), as well as concerns about a bad political culture (from 11 to 20 percent) and interpersonal relations (from 10 to 18 percent).

The influx of migrants from abroad bothered 7 percent of citizens.

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