Top 5 real estate projects in Bratislava

The city centre is getting extended by a second phase of Eurovea development, nearby Sky Park and a brand new bus station combined with a shopping mall.

Nivy TowerNivy Tower(Source: Courtesy of HB Reavis)

Bratislava has been experiencing a real estate boom incomparable to its past and other parts of Slovakia. The city centre is getting extended from the Old Town eastwards by a second phase of Eurovea shopping mall, nearby Sky Park and a brand new bus station combined with a shopping mall, Nové Nivy. Brand new settlements Bory and Slnečnice are also being built on the Bratislava’s outskirts. Here is a sample of the five largest and most significant developments.

Stanica Nivy

Bus station Stanica Nivy will be a combination of an international bus terminal, a shopping centre and the 125-metre-high Nivy Tower - currently the highest building in Bratislava. Bus platforms will be located on the first underground storey, while the building will have three above-ground and two underground floors. It will be topped by a multifunctional green roof as large as two football pitches. Stanica Nivy will be part of the developing city quarter Nové Nivy, into which the developer plans to invest about €1 billion.

• Developer: HB Reavis

• Total acreage: 103,000 m2

• Total acreage of retail space: 70,000 m2 plus

• Total space of the bus station: 30,000 m2

• Total acreage of offices: 30,000 m2 (Nivy Tower)

• Start of construction: 2017

• Planned completion of con¬struction: Nivy Tower – 2019, Stanica Nivy – 2020

• Total investment: not specified

Sky Park

The project by the prominent Zaha Hadid Architects studio consists of four 31-storey residential towers and two administrative buildings. The project envisages a minimum built-up area and the creation of a new city park, with a historical industrial building, known as the Jurkovičova heating plant reconstructed and turned into a publicly accessible place with a restaurant, café and a coworking space.

• Developer: Penta Real Estate

• Total acreage: 139,200 m2

• Total number of apartments: 1,050 apartments (total acreage: 77,200 m2)

• Total acreage of retail space: 7,000 m2

• Total acreage of offices: 55,000 m2

• Start of construction: Dec 2016

• Planned completion of construction: after 2020 – the first three residential towers should be completed in 2019/2020, the first office building during the third quarter of 2020; completion of the fourth residential tower and the second office building has not been set yet

Total investment: €326 million

Eurovea II

The long-awaited extension of the popular shopping and office area Eurovea on the Danube embankment, Eurovea II, will bring together residences, offices, shops, public spaces, waterfront relaxation, restaurants and cafés. It will also include a 168-metre tall residential tower, meeting the latest standards of a skyscraper. With the existing Eurovea, office buildings Tower 115, Landerova 12 and Pribinova 19, along with the residential Panorama Towers and a planned congress centre, Eurovea II will become part of Eurovea City. The Eurovea City’s public spaces are designed by renowned Spanish architect Beth Galí.

• Developer: J&T Real Estate

• Total acreage: 155,000 m2

• Total number of apartments: 488

• Total acreage of retail space: 25,000 m2

• Total acreage of offices: 47,000 m2

• Start of construction: 2019

• Planned completion of con¬struction: retail areas in 2022, completion of the whole project is planned for 2023

• Total investment: not specified


Bory is a brand new development growing on the northeast outskirt of Bratislava. After completion, it will consist of residential, retail and office zones. These are in various phases of planning and construction; Bory Mall is already completed. Part of it will be a €200 million top-of-the-art hospital.

• Developer: Penta Real Estate

• Total acreage: 220 hectares

• Total number of apartments: 627 apartments are under construction within the first and second phases, 663 within the third and fourth phases

• Total acreage of retail space: Bory Mall (completed, 54,000 m2); Bory Retail Zone (under construction, 70 hectares)

• Total acreage of offices: Bory Business Park (planned, 30,000 m2); Bory Office (planned, not specified)

• Start of construction: 2010

• Planned completion of construction: not set

• Total investment: not specified (Bory Mall – €150 million, investments into preparation of the area – €125 million)


The urban housing project Slnečnice (Sunflowers) is gradually growing in a new quarter of Bratislava located south of Petržalka near the Danube. It consists of the Viladomy Zone with low-rise residential build¬ings, urban villas and family houses, and the Mesto Zone with residential buildings in various phases of planning, construction and completion.

• Developer: Cresco Real Estate

• Total acreage: 914,700 m2

• Total number of apartments: 10,156; 539,391 m2

• Total acreage of retail space: 55,107 m2

• Total acreage of offices: 99,900 m2

• Start of construction: the fourth quarter of 2010

• Planned completion of con¬struction: 2030

• Total investments: not specified

Source: individual developers

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