Eset creates a fund to support coronavirus diagnoses

The security software developer has allocated €300,000.

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Security software company Eset has joined the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Through its Eset Foundation, it has created the Fund to Support Efficient Diagnoses and Prevention of COVID-19.

It plans to allocate €300,000 for the fund, but it is ready to increase the sum if needed.

The aim is to secure necessary equipment to improve the quality of diagnoses and introduce nationwide testing in Slovakia.

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“We established the fund to support efficient diagnoses and prevention of the coronavirus because we’re convinced that only a systematic scientific approach can help us manage the epidemic,” said Richard Marko, CEO of Eset.

Who can receive the support?

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The Eset Foundation will also support the purchase of highly-effective devices, the development of systems for more efficient online-diagnoses and contribute to the expenses related to their operation, as well as taking and transporting samples.

The support will be provided to both public and private diagnostic institutions and laboratories in Slovakia that are certified for this type of diagnoses or to take samples.

The fund’s guarantor is chemist and former presidential candidate Robert Mistrík.

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