Where to go for star-spangled sky and digital detox? Visit Vihorlat

Pass the romantic volcanic Morské oko lake, reached the summit of Vihorlat mountain and enjoy the tranquility and view it offers.

Morské okoMorské oko (Source: One2We)

It was not a long journey.

It started at the Krivec parking lot, near Michalovce in eastern Slovakia, where the guys from the small buffet sleepily greeted bystanders.

Passing the romantic volcanic Morské oko lake, the third biggest natural lake in Slovakia, with crystal clear water and fish jumping in the air, melancholy trees hanging over the surface and reflecting sunrays, we entered the forest.

And we found ourselves in the Vihorlat Protected Landscape Area, one of the 14 such areas in Slovakia, where more than 5,000 species live and 240-year old trees grow.

Where falcons and eagle owls nest.

Where, in winter, bears hibernate.

As in Kyjovský prales, a primeval beech forest in the Vihorlat Mountains, proclaimed by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site.

Looking far and beyond

And our journey continued through the ridge until we reached the summit, Vihorlat mountain, looming over the Eastern Slovak Lowland to the height of 1,076 m, and reminiscent of the mystic Japanese Fuji mountain.

Sitting in the grass, surrounded by the flying colourful butterflies and buzzing bees, we were listening to musical crickets giving a concert on a meadow stage.

And our eyes gazed afar through the hot summer air and stopped over the biggest artificial Slovak lake, the Zemplínska Šírava lake.

The sea of eastern Slovakia.

The blue Riviera of Slovakia.

And we sensed the Sninský kameň mountain, hidden in the near forest.

With its andesite rocks on the top. Cast down by a devil.

And beyond it the Viniansky hrad castle, which protected the trade route to Poland, together with Brekov, Jasenov and Čičva castles.

There the Neuburg wine grape should have grown, the only place in the Hungarian Kingdom.

There lived the castle lord, alchemist and wizard.

And that’s not everything!

We admired the view to the Slanské vrchy and the Volovské vrchy mountains, Branisko, Levočské vrchy mountains, and even the entire High Tatras!

Where you touch stars

And if our journey continued to the North East, we would reach the Poloniny.

There rivers are wild.

There primaeval forests are deep and dark.

There you can count the wild European bison.

And watch the star-spangled sky without light smog. To find Immanuel Kant’s categorical imperative inside of you.

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