Scale ladders and waterfalls in Liptov's popular Prosiecka valley

It is possible to do a roundtrip, starting in Prosiecka Dolina and ending in Kvačianska Dolina.

Prosiecka Dolina valleyProsiecka Dolina valley (Source: NHF)

Suitable for families with children, a hike through Liptov's Prosiecka valley, starting in the village of Prosiek, is a great option and one of many interesting hikes in the Liptov region. You can discover more of these hikes in our Žilina guide.

Find out more about region of folklore, national parks and modern attractions in our Žilina Region Travel Guide. Find out more about region of folklore, national parks and modern attractions in our Žilina Region Travel Guide.

The valley leads through the Chočské Mountains. At the beginning of the route, tourists enter through a "rocky gate", after which the path snakes through wooden bridges and rocky footsteps, secured by steel ropes.

Blue markings navigate tourists through gentle terrain in forests. However, the route gets much more interesting when it hits the waterfall. This part of the route is rocky but accompanied by several ladders. Afterward, the route continues through a meadow and fields to the village Veľké Borové, where it is possible to buy some refreshments.

The route continues to the parallel Kvačianska Dolina Valley, where the popular spot Mlyny (Mills) Oblazy is usually crowded with tourists on a sunny day. Beware of goats trying to steal your food. From this spot, you can continue via Kvačianska Dolina Valley, which does not include any ladders but provides several spectacular viewing platforms, to the village Kvačany. It takes another hour to reach Prosiek, the starting point.

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