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Spectacular Slovakia travel guide seriesSpectacular Slovakia travel guide series

Explore Slovakia and its regions with the SPECTACULAR SLOVAKIA TRAVEL GUIDE SERIES! Plan your future travels, virtually visit different places within Slovakia or give a piece of Slovakia as a gift to your loved ones!

Hundreds of photos, local tips and real, emotive stories will lead you around Bratislava, the Tatras, Trnava, Košice, and many other places. Our guides include 3D maps, aerial drawings of historical monuments as well as answers to your many questions in our travel feature stories.

Spectacular Slovakia travel guides Spectacular Slovakia travel guides

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Choose the countrywide travel guide – SLOVAKIA, which pairs nicely with one or more of our comprehensive regional travel guides. They give a detailed look at selected areas and cities. Therefore, we highly recommend enriching your library by purchasing our full range of travel guides. In addition to the original English-language travel guides, we offer bilingual guides as well as some in Slovak and German.

We answer your questions: Why are there so many castles in Slovakia? Which wines can you taste only in Slovakia? What is special about mountain porters in the Tatras?

We have unexpected travel tips for you: Find out where you can take a real natural bath, pet a bear, hike in the capital, hitch a ride on a tank, explore an unknown cave, wander around a car factory, and descend into a mine.

​The content of our travel guides is not just prepared from our desks. Editors go directly to the places they write about and look not only for attractions, but also for the stories of people, thanks to which you can discover the true face of Spectacular Slovakia.

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